Utah Gun Maker Turns Down $15M Deal With Pakistan

Utah Gun Maker Turns Down $15M Deal With Pakistan


Associated Press

A Utah-based gun manufacturer has incited down a $15 million understanding to supply Pakistan with pointing rifles, citing concerns they could eventually be used opposite U.S. troops.

Mike Davis, sales manager during Desert Tech, pronounced a association was on a brief list for a agreement with Pakistan, though spurned a event since of disturbance in Pakistan and reliable concerns.

It was a formidable preference since of a volume of income involved, he said, and a sale of rifles to Pakistan would have been legal.

“We don’t know that those guns would’ve went somewhere bad, though with a disturbance we only finished adult not feeling right about it,” Davis told KTVX-TV.

The company, formed in a Salt Lake City suburb of West Valley City, was founded in 2007 on a element of gripping America and a allies safe, he added.

“As a business owners we always wish to be successful, though we consider ethically and implicitly we wish to go about it a right approach and hang behind your first principles,” Davis told KSL.

Weapons sales to allies such as Pakistan are zero new though they can be complicated, generally in a nation with an al-Qaida presence. The U.S. mostly targets al-Qaida, Taliban and their Pakistani supporters in a country’s genealogical regions.

“I’ve got to admire Desert Tech for potentially branch down what could have been a really remunerative agreement in a seductiveness of safeguarding American use members,” pronounced Col. Steven R. Watt of a Utah National Guard.

The rifles can change size within mins and have a ability to fire as distant as 3,000 yards.

Desert Tech, before famous as Desert Tactical Arms, has had troops contracts with other countries though declined to exhibit specifics.

Article source: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/utah-gun-maker-turns-15m-deal-pakistan-21428390