‘Truth tracker’ keeps tabs on Pakistan choosing pledges

‘Truth tracker’ keeps tabs on Pakistan choosing pledges


A pockmarked highway in Sitara Colony series 2 outward Lahore where people are artificial with domestic promisesElection promises have come to zero in this dive area outward Lahore

As we spin off a categorical highway only south of Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore, it shortly seems as if we have trafficked 50 years behind in time.

At Sitara Colony Number Two, leaking sewage pipes and deserted bulldozers confute Lahore’s repute as one of Pakistan’s many grown cities.

The stage is also covenant to domestic promises that have remained unfulfilled. But a new website seeks to put promises of growth and swell to a test.

Sitara Colony series 2 is a intricacy of slight streets. bustling with tiny shops, travel vendors and dickey carts.

Across from a marketplace is a residential area.

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They don’t consider we are humans”

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Sitara resident

Rough marks and sewage spewing out from several points, churned with low H2O from a new surge wait a visitor.

Huge bulldozers and other machine distortion idle nearby. Construction work is during a standstill.

Tariq Mehmood has lived in Sitara Colony for 10 years. He says that in each choosing debate he can remember, politicians have betrothed to build roads and correct sewers here, though that a possibilities never demeanour behind once elected.

“Look during a H2O in a street, it’s been here for a past one and a half years. Even a celebration H2O is not purify any more,” he says.

“During a choosing debate we brought opposite possibilities here – all of them betrothed to solve a issue. But zero happened afterwards. Now when we go to a MP, he gives us some-more fake hope. They don’t consider we are humans, it’s unhappy though true.”

It’s a visit censure in Pakistan, though it now seems that politicians here competence have a harder time removing divided with damaged promises unnoticed.

A website called Truth Tracker has been launched by UPI Next, a non-profit media growth arm of a United Press International news agency.

Its mission: To keep an eye on a commitments finished by politicians during and after choosing campaigns.

A mechanism shade displaying a law tracker websiteThe Truth Tracker site uses celebration black to brand who finished what promise

A group of 25 reporters all over Pakistan scour manifestos, elections speeches, celebration websites and media appearances of politicians to spike down promises finished to voters.

The comparison editor of Truth Tracker, Mubasher Bukhari, says it is all about accountability:

“It means we keep tracking promises, and keep reminding politicians again and again about their commitments to a people. We also give reasons as to since any guarantee is not over and what a obstacles are.”

The several parties’ debate black are used to brand who finished what guarantee – a tiger for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N or a cricket bat for former cricket star Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf celebration (PTI).

There are 5 categories for a state of a promise: Broken, fulfilled, underneath way, not started and compromised.

For example, a website says that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif betrothed during final year’s choosing debate to yield housing to all low-income families, though zero has been finished so distant to make swell on a issue. Truth tracker has categorised this guarantee as “not started”.

During a same debate Imran Khan’s PTI betrothed to reason internal supervision elections within 90 days of holding power.

According to Truth Tracker, Imran Khan regularly criticised prior governments for not holding internal polls, accusing them of being demure to share appetite with a grassroots.

The website calculates that given PTI politicians took a guarantee of supervision in north-western Khyber Pakhtunkhawa range on 30 May, a 90 day deadline was due to tumble on 31 August. But with internal supervision elections still pending, Truth Tracker rates this guarantee as “broken”.

Local choosing possibilities register in LahoreWinning over electorate is subsequent for these internal choosing possibilities induction in Lahore

In another example, a arch apportion of Punjab province, Shahbaz Sharif, betrothed to try choice appetite options in an bid to finish a appetite predicament that has tormented Pakistan.

The Punjab supervision has started a plan to build a solar appetite plant in a south-eastern dried of Cholistan. According to a Truth Tracker team, this guarantee is “under way”.

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They know they are being watched”

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Mubasher Bukhari
Truth Tracker

Social researcher Rasul Bakhsh Rais believes that initiatives like Truth Tracker can strengthen accountability, that he says is essential for any democracy.

“In Pakistan politicians have opposite attitudes when they are in power. So adults should not wait for 5 years to doubt them – it contingency be finished on a continual basis,” he says.

“And now this can occur with a assistance of information technology, by collection like websites.”

Others, however, contend that in a semi-literate nation like Pakistan, a series of people who will use websites like Truth Tracker to guard a opening of inaugurated politicians is expected to be singular – and absolute politicians will keep on removing divided with damaged promises.

In Sitara Colony, Tariq Mehmood is so frustrated, he has given adult hope.

“Now internal elections are entrance up, though we are not interested,” he says. “It doesn’t matter since we know zero is going to change.”

But Mubasher Bukhari is carefree Truth Tracker can make a difference.

“It’s loyal many people are still not wakeful of it, though a lot of politicians are – they know that they are being watched.”

Article source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-25550681