Restaurant With ‘No Pakistanis’ Policy Shut Down.. In Pakistan

Restaurant With ‘No Pakistanis’ Policy Shut Down.. In Pakistan


Fine dining investiture La Maison was close down by military following widespread critique of a restaurant’s “no Pakistanis” policy. Many were quite angry since a French grill is located in Islamabad, a Pakistani capital.

According to a Times of India, Pakistani military recently raided a business after La Maison’s no locals rule was reported on amicable media in December. During a raid, officers detected reserve of bootleg liquor.

Authorities afterwards shuttered a grill after a final portion Saturday and charged owners Philippe Lafforgue with “unlicensed alcohol,” NBC News reports.

While a argumentative process had many citing comparisons to separation practices like apartheid, La Maison’s owners shielded his preference to make a rule.

“It’s not a taste thing. It’s a culturally supportive thing,” Lafforgue told NBC. “How can we offer pig and drink to Pakistanis but removing into trouble? So we have a rule: no locals removing in.”

Consumption of ethanol and pig are banned underneath Islamic law.

Islamabad-based publisher Cyril Almeida was among a initial to news that a grill usually accepts reservations for congregation with unfamiliar passports.

Other Pakistanis chimed in on Twitter and reliable that a restaurant asked for nationality.

Almeida after exchanged emails with Lafforgue, Al Jazeera reports. “Everybody is acquire even pakistani people with a twin national,” [all sic] Lafforgue wrote in an email, that Almeida common on Twitter.

However, it seems, what many were holding emanate with is Lafforgue’s purportedly sweeping anathema of Pakistanis.

“[S]ince when did ‘Pakistani’ turn synonymous with ‘Muslim’?” Fatima A. Athar writes in a blog post for The Express Tribune. “How does possession of a twin nationality make a disproportion if they are in fact Muslims?”

Lafforgue is reportedly seeking to free a French restaurant, that done a entrance in Islamabad in October.

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