Protesters pull Bangladesh to cut ties with Pakistan

Protesters pull Bangladesh to cut ties with Pakistan


Some fear belligerent attacks if tensions lower over a execution of a Bangladesh politician for fight crimes in a 1971 subdivision war.


Saad HammadiCorrespondent /
December 20, 2013

Bangladeshi troops catch an romantic who was marching towards a Pakistan Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dec. 19, 2013. The activists were protesting opposite a Pakistan parliament’s fortitude expressing regard over final week’s execution of Abdul Quader Mollah for fight crimes committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 autonomy fight opposite Pakistan.

A.M. Ahad/AP


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Protests in Bangladesh perfectionist a subdivision of tactful ties with Pakistan threatens to aria a attribute between a south Asian nations and impact informal team-work on confidence and counterterrorism efforts. 

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Protesters collected currently during Dhaka’s Shahbagh Square after troops privileged them from in front of a Pakistani Embassy on Thursday. Twenty people arrested Thursday dusk were expelled overnight. 

Hundreds of protesters have been entertainment outward a Pakistan Embassy given Wednesday, led by members of a supposed “progressive youth.” The transformation progressing this year pushed a Bangladesh supervision to make stricter punishments on purported fight criminals from Bangladesh’s fight of autonomy from Pakistan in 1971.


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The protesters’ cheer was in response to a fortitude upheld Monday by Pakistan’s council expressing regard for a unresolved of Bangladesh politician Abdul Quader Mollah final week. A fight crimes judiciary in Dhaka convicted Mr. Mollah for committing crimes including murder and rape during a war.

“We direct that all tactful propinquity with Pakistan be severed until Pakistan says contemptible for 1971 and for indulging into a inner affairs of Bangladesh,” says Maruf Rosul, a tyro during a University of Dhaka. 

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, meanwhile, criticized Bangladesh government, observant Mr. Mollah’s execution was “opening aged wounds.”

Bangladeshi authorities are also endangered over an purported belligerent tract to blow adult a Bangladesh Embassy in Islamabad. Security officials in Pakistan reliable Wednesday a internal newspaper report that famous apprehension organisation – Tehrik-e-Taliban – threatened to attack a embassy in plea for Mollah’s execution.

“We have brought to [the Pakistan authority’s] notice a reported hazard and they positive us about a reserve and confidence of a goal and officials,” says Shameem Ahsan, executive ubiquitous of outmost broadside during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh. 

Relations between a dual countries have never been quite warm. In 1947, a British separate their colonial land in South Asia between Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan, that consisted of dual regions: East and West Pakistan. With opposite languages, opposite eremite and informative traditions and a subdivision of some-more than 1,800 miles, a dual regions were frequently during loggerheads until 1971, when a brief fight that enclosed involvement by Indian troops army resulted in Bangladesh’s independence. 

Bangladeshi authorities guess that 3 million people were killed and 200,000 women were raped during a conflict. Independent estimates put a genocide fee between 300,000 and 500,000.

Fallout between a dual south Asian neighbors could bushel informal team-work on confidence and counterterrorism policies, that a United States, a European Union, and other general organizations have been pushing. 

Bangladesh and a United States sealed a team-work beginning on Oct. 23. Increased attrition between Pakistan and Bangladesh could impede US and EU goals of integrating some-more south Asian nations into counterterrorism agreements, analysts worry.

This will be a regard for a United States as instability among a countries “could lead to a arise of fundamentalist strengths,” says M. Shahiduzzaman, a confidence researcher and a highbrow of general family during a University of Dhaka.

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Bangladesh – one of a world’s largest Muslim countries with a race of 160 million – has burst down on belligerent activities given Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh carried out explosve attacks via a nation in 2005. Law coercion officials have arrested during least 20 operatives suspected of belonging to a Pakistani belligerent classification Lashka-e-Taiba, that was blamed for a 2008 attacks on a Indian city of Mumbai. 

The dual countries share a favoured trade volume. In 2010-11 a sum trade and import between Bangladesh and Pakistan stood during $983 million, especially formed on Pakistan exports to Bangladesh. Over a past decade, Pakistan’s exports to Bangladesh grew during an annual normal rate of 27.6 percent, while Pakistan imports from Bangladesh grew during 9.2 percent.


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