Pakistan will continue antithesis to “Big Three”: PCB

Pakistan will continue antithesis to “Big Three”: PCB


A daring Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) authority Zaka Ashraf vowed to continue a antithesis to a “Big Three”, claiming Pakistan would not vary from a principal position on a due revamp of a International Cricket Council (ICC), DawnNews reported.

Speaking to reporters after PCB’s Governing Board Meeting on Monday, Ashraf pronounced a preference on a proposals will be taken after ICC’s Executive Board accommodate on Feb 8, though reiterated that “Pakistan’s interests would not be compromised.” The authority also voiced a enterprise to accommodate with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is also a patron-in-chief of a PCB, over a issue.

Pakistan, along with Sri Lanka and South Africa, sought time to cruise a radical changes to a ICC due by a abounding play of India, England and Australia that were discussed in fact in a two-day assembly in Dubai final week.

Moves to restructure a ICC to palm energy to India, Australia and England, a game’s financial powerhouses, were, however, upheld in element during a house assembly on Jan 28.

Some of a changes already concluded in element are:

a) An event for all member countries to win a right to play Tests, “with appearance formed on meritocracy,” according to a ICC. There were no sum of any graduation format.

b) A Test cricket account will make income accessible annually to a other 7 Test countries outward a large three: Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, New Zealand, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

This would be introduced to “encourage and support Test compare cricket,” a ICC said, with a game’s flagship format struggling to make income divided from a large three.

c) Bilateral agreements for Test array could come into outcome from 2015, a pierce divided from a ICC-controlled Future Tours Program that ensured large teams had to play array opposite smaller teams during some indicate in a rotation.

Bilateral agreements would give India, England and Australia some-more range to collect and select who and when they play.

d) The ICC pronounced a absolute and abounding Indian house would take “a executive care responsibility.”

e) The new five-member executive cabinet done adult a deputy from a BCCI, a ECB, CA and dual other members. For dual years from Jun a BCCI would chair a ICC board, CA would chair a executive cabinet and a ECB would chair a successful financial and blurb affairs cabinet while a ruling physique undergoes a “transitional period.”

f) The Test championship designed for 2017 will be forsaken and a 50-over Champions Trophy played in a place.

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