Pakistan blank out on IPL knowledge – Hafeez

Pakistan blank out on IPL knowledge – Hafeez


Pakistan’s Twenty20 captain Mohammad Hafeez has pronounced players from his nation are blank out on a “great training experience” by not being authorised to play in a IPL. The PCB, he said, should demeanour into a matter and solve it so that Pakistan players get a possibility to work with other general players.

”It is bizarre that for years now Pakistani players have not been authorised to play in a IPL given it is a world-class joining and there is so many to learn from it,” Hafeez told Express newspaper. “I played in a initial deteriorate of a IPL and we got a possibility to share a sauce room with greats like Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting and it was a good training experience. we trust that what a players are blank out a many is this aspect of personification in a IPL.”

Hafeez represented Kolkata Knights Riders in a initial IPL deteriorate in 2008, though Pakistan players have not been authorised in a contest given a Mumbai apprehension attacks in 2008 that stretched family between a dual nations.

”It is no use holding seductiveness in a thing we are not partial of,” he said. “But this IPL problem is something that a cricket house should demeanour into and resolve. Because it is a world-class eventuality and each actor wants to take partial in such an eventuality where a large crowds usually supplement to a fun and excitement.”

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