Pakistan guards die escorting Spain cyclist Javier Colorado

Pakistan guards die escorting Spain cyclist Javier Colorado


Image squeeze of Javier Colorado's Facebook pageA summary was posted after a conflict on Javier Colorado’s Facebook page

Gunmen have shot passed during slightest 6 guards who were escorting a Spanish cyclist by Pakistan’s flighty Balochistan province.

They were about 50km (31 miles) west of a provincial collateral Quetta, in a district of Mastung, when they were ambushed.

Cyclist Javier Colorado was somewhat harm after descending off his bike.

A summary on Facebook pronounced he dictated to continue his outing from Europe on into Asia and a rest of a world.

The conflict happened tighten to a stage of a train bombing on Tuesday that killed 28 Shia pilgrims.

This remote partial of western Pakistan is tormented by kidnappings and drug traffickers as Balochistan racial nationalists salary an rebellion for some-more autonomy.

‘Hello Pakistan’

Mr Colorado had arrived from Iran on Tuesday evening. He was urged by a authorities to spend a night during a internal military hire before being reserved a 12-man armed escort, in dual vehicles, for his leading journey.

Soon after environment off, a organisation of armed group pounded a convoy, sharpened passed during slightest 6 of a guards and wounding 5 others.

Several hours after a attack, a summary attributed to Mr Colorado’s family was posted on a Facebook page clinging to his trip, Colorado on a Road.

Pakistan map

“First of all, we wish to appreciate a Spanish consulate in Pakistan for all their help. We’ve perceived a call from a embassy and they have sensitive us that Javier is good and not hurt.

“Today he will fly to Lahore, on a limit with India. His initial vigilant is to continue his trip.”

In an progressing message, Mr Colorado posted “Goodbye Iran, hello Pakistan” and pronounced he was in Pakistan, tighten to Quetta, carrying cycled some-more than 10,000km given his outing began on 1 October.

“My subsequent stop is a collateral of this country, Islamabad.”

Police contend they do not know because Mr Colorado was cycling by such a dangerous area.

Two Czech women abducted as they trafficked by Balochistan from Iran final Mar are still missing.

The BBC’s Ilyas Khan says a track has been traditionally used by Western tourists entering Pakistan from Iran, though it has turn increasingly dangerous to do so.

It seems weird that a Pakistani authorities would concede a Western traveller to cycle by a region, quite in light of a abduction of a dual Czech women, he adds.

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