Musharraf: The army is a ‘central sobriety in Pakistan’

Musharraf: The army is a ‘central sobriety in Pakistan’


General Pervez Musharraf, former infantry ruler of Pakistan, is due behind in justice this week to face fraud charges, that he dismisses as illogical and an try during domestic punish by a stream Prime Minister, and aged rival, Nawaz Sharif.

Mr Musharraf is a poignant figure in a politics of Pakistan, quite in what happens with a neighbour Afghanistan as American, British and other infantry leave after 12 years – and also on a destiny of talks inside Pakistan with a Taliban.

Mr Musharraf spoke to a Today programme’s James Naughtie, from his plantation nearby a Pakistani collateral Islamabad.

“The army are intensely endangered about and understanding towards me,” he said. He described a infantry as “the executive sobriety in Pakistan” and remarked this “may not be a box in other countries”.

“The universe should know a dynamics of Pakistan – don’t demeanour during it by a eyes of a West. There has always been a dispute between a state and a constitution.”

He also said: “In a past, a sourroundings forced a army to take over, now they do not need to take over though they do have a purpose to play in a dynamics of a country.”

“No politically-elected supervision has achieved socio-economically; each time, Pakistan has left down into an abyss socio-economically” he added.

First promote on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Monday 30 Dec 2013.

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