Musharraf procession strike by explosve conflict in Pakistan

Musharraf procession strike by explosve conflict in Pakistan


A explosve exploded nearby a procession carrying a former president, Pervez Musharraf, in a collateral of Islamabad though a former ruler was not harmed, contend police.

A troops official, Mohammad Hayat, pronounced a device exploded as a ubiquitous was being changed late on Wednesday night from a troops sanatorium in Rawalpindi, where he had been staying, to his home in Islamabad.

Hayat pronounced Musharraf’s procession had only crossed a overpass entering a collateral when a explosve went off.

Musharraf’s spokeswoman, Aasia Ishaq, pronounced he was excellent and had reached his home safely. There was no evident explain of shortcoming for a attack.

Musharraf survived mixed assassination attempts while he was in office. When he returned to a nation final year a Pakistani Taliban vowed to kill him.

Earlier this week, a ubiquitous was charged with treason over purported inherent violations during his reign.

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