Maradona is peaceful to come to Pakistan.

Maradona is peaceful to come to Pakistan.


After a day of tiki taka in that Diego Maradona compared a Argentina Football Association (AFA) to a Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) and a PFF Marketing Consultant Sardar Naveed Haider Khan replied with a tongue-in-cheek criticism that a Argentina fable should come revisit Pakistan, it has come down to this.

Maradona is peaceful to come to Pakistan.

In a communication between Sardar Naveed and Maradona’s manager Gustavo Amador Moure, common with, a latter has asked a PFF to send an central invitation for a 53-year-old football great.

“We would wait for a charge from a PFF to report a assembly with Diego’s counsel and allege this conditions as shortly as possible,” Moure, of a ABC Sports Agency, says in his e-mail.

“Diego knows something [about Pakistan] as Ahmer Kunwar [of British-based sports supervision association TouchSky Sports] spoke to me about a probability of doing something with him in Pakistan.”

So far, it’s a overwhelming development.

And if it does happen, Sardar Naveed believes it will be outrageous for football in Pakistan.

“Football in Pakistan is in need of assistance and support,” Sardar Naveed told

“What improved assistance can there be than a actor of Maradona’s status entrance to Pakistan,” he asks.

“He’s regarded as one of a biggest players to have played a diversion of football.

“Not usually that, yet he enjoys good recognition in Pakistan.

“Imagine what were to occur if he would arrive during a Quaid-i-Azam International Airport in Karachi or a Allama Iqbal Airport in Lahore.

“Fans would mob by a thousands only to get a glance of him.

“The seductiveness that would emanate for football in a country, generally a seductiveness in Pakistani football, would be immense.”

Sardar Naveed combined that a PFF would be promulgation a central invitation to Maradona really shortly and urged a supervision to play their partial in creation it happen.

“This is an event for a supervision of Pakistan to step in and make it occur for a expansion of football in Pakistan,” he said.

Maradona has formerly been to a sub-continent – both times to India – and has been treated to rapturous welcomes on his arrival.

He initial came to India in 2008 when he set adult a football academy in Kolkata with his latest revisit there entrance in 2012 when he launched a valuables store in Kerala.

His revisit to Pakistan, though, would be only for football.

“It would be large for a country’s football if Maradona were to come to Pakistan,” Pakistan’s many flashy football manager Tariq Lutfi told

“Even if he was to come for a day and spend some time with a inhabitant players, that would motivate them to a new level.”

Maradona, who spearheaded Argentina to a 1986 FIFA World Cup, is a honourary sports envoy for a Dubai Sports Council (DSC).

He coached Dubai-based bar Al Wasl for a year before he was dismissed in 2012. He was also Argentina’s manager in a 2010 FIFA World Cup where they were knocked out by Germany in a quarter-finals.

So distant it seems Maradona’s attainment would come by a partnership between a PFF and TouchSky Sports.

TouchSky Sports are UEFA-licensed compare agents and were behind an beginning to arrange a array between a football teams of Pakistan and India in England in 2011.

The array never took place after TouchSky Sports cited they hadn’t perceived adequate income from a sponsors to reason a array patrician ‘Clash of a Titans’.

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