Malaysia Airlines jet hold by terrorists in Pakistan?

Malaysia Airlines jet hold by terrorists in Pakistan?


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: This is a Fox News alert. My subsequent guest, Lieutenant General Tom McInerney was among a really initial to contend that a Malaysian Airliner’s jetliner could have been hijacked and it could have landed in Pakistan. Today he’s doubling down on that claim, and he’s here now to join us and explain what he means by that.

General, good to see you. Thank we for being with us.

RET. LT. GEN. TOM MCINERNEY: Thanks for carrying me, Sean.

HANNITY: My initial doubt was, since this was a comparatively brief moody from Malaysia to Beijing, customarily they don’t fill an airplane, they don’t maximize a fuel capability on a shorter moody since it means they don’t wish to land with all that fuel. For this moody to take place to Pakistan, my initial thought, would they have had a fuel capacity, since that seems to be during a limit spin — stretch spin of that aircraft?

MCINERNEY: That’s a really good question, Sean. As it turns out, we got a final ping 7 hours after takeoff. For whatever reason, they apparently had put some-more fuel into it. It competence be there customary practice, so they don’t have to buy fuel in Beijing, it competence be some-more expensive, we don’t know. But I’m holding a information that says they got a ping — their final ping was 7 hours after.

HANNITY: How prolonged would that moody have been, usually to give a assembly some coordinates here, from where it took off, if it landed in Pakistan, how prolonged would that be?

MCINERNEY: It’s about 3,500 miles, 7 hours, 500 miles through, let’s say. So — and they went north for a partial — contend 3,000 miles, 3,200 miles, something like that. Of march there now appears to be justification that there was a approach march by India drifting in a shade of a Singapore Flight 68. That hasn’t been verified. The usually thing that we have seen that is starting to spin accurate is a news from Boeing observant they trust a aeroplane was in Pakistan, that we talked about on Friday.

HANNITY: General, I’ve famous we a prolonged time. we know we too good to know that you’re not usually creation this up, this isn’t something you’ve concocted. You’ve oral to a series of people, am we correct?

MCINERNEY: Yes, though that’s all we wish to say, Sean, please.

HANNITY: Fair enough. And we trust this craft is total and that this craft landed?


HANNITY: What about a passengers of this plane? Do we know anything about that?

MCINERNEY: I don’t know anything about their status. What we do know is a many sensors that we have in a universe are in that region. They’re not in a south of a Indian Ocean. We have a lot of sensors adult there so we have a lot of capabilities. And we trust with Rolls-Royce and with Boeing as good as a U.S. government, we know a lot some-more than is entrance out. we cruise we competence in a subsequent 24 to 48 hours start conference from possibly a Malaysian supervision or a Pakistani government. If a Pakistani supervision doesn’t pronounce soon, they’re going to be complicit in this.

HANNITY: For this plane, if it would have landed in Pakistan, a Pakistanis would have had to know that?


HANNITY: The poser — is there anything else — look, we don’t wish to press this, since we clarity you’re threading a needle here. Is there anything else that we can share with a assembly besides a fact that we cruise we’ll know a lot some-more in 24 to 48 hours about this? Do we — and what do we fear many competence occur if in fact what you’re observant is true?

MCINERNEY: First of all, let me say, when a U.S. Navy quits their search, their boat search, they contingency know something in a Indian Ocean. When a Israeli invulnerability forces, when they boost their atmosphere invulnerability alert, they contingency know something. They are doubt people serve out. For those people that say, well, even with a transponder off, they’ve have gotten a ping. Most people don’t comprehend a organisation on during 2, 3, 4 in a morning is not a A-Team and they essentially use transponders. So it doesn’t warn me that this could have happened a approach we am describing it. So —

HANNITY: So this would explain — go ahead, I’m sorry, sir.

MCINERNEY: Well, and a aeroplane would have landed 8 o’clock Kuala Lumpur time, 3 o’clock Pakistani time in a morning — forgive me, 5 o’clock. There’s a 3 hour difference, so it would have been dark. Anyone who says they saw this overfly a Maldives or whatever, it was dark. we don’t see how anybody could contend that.

There’s been a lot of bizarre information put out on altitudes and a whole horde of things, and a lot of it’s come from a Malaysian government, so we’ve got to be means to arrange by this. My regard is, if this aeroplane could be used as a dispatcher of a arms of mass drop or even required munitions that could conflict a carrier, a Israelis, other allies, American forces, for instance, we have to be really warning until we know accurately where this aeroplane is.

HANNITY: That would meant that a — during this point, we pronounced that a Pakistanis, if they don’t pronounce adult shortly they would be complicit. we would disagree they’re complicit now by not pity their information and comprehension about this with a world. Is that a satisfactory observation?

MCINERNEY: I cruise that’s a satisfactory observation. The approach a Boeing news came out, it pronounced a atmosphere margin was in Taliban tranquil areas. Well, we cruise that’s observant in western Pakistan. And there are 3 primary bases, dual are categorical handling bases and one is a satellite bottom that could hoop this aircraft in a Pakistani atmosphere force. There are other falcon bases, though I’ll pronounce about that later.

HANNITY: So your theory, and I’m interpreting here that this is formed on information that we are putting together, that would explain divided a transponder intentionally being incited off and other communications being incited off. That would explain a ping that lasted adult to 7 hours later, when we cruise a timeframe drifting out and changing course. It would also explain that a moody trail altered by mechanism authority and not by primer control. So what answer — your speculation would answer all those questions, right?

MCINERNEY: It would. And we trust both pilots competence have been complicit, we trust that — remember, they incited off — they didn’t spin off communications, they incited off navigation aids. They didn’t spin off their HF radio, their VHF radio, their UHF radio. So they had a sat com. So they had communications that they listening to what was going on and, we think, substantially transmitting to a plcae they were going to. That’s since we cruise a U.S. opening cleaners — those sensors that picked adult all this stuff, have substantially been means to detect some-more than we’re getting.

HANNITY: OK, so there’s a really good probability that a United States knows most some-more than it’s observant and that we’ll substantially find out in a days ahead?

MCINERNEY: I cruise they do, and we cruise they wish to be really discreet since they don’t wish to confuse certain other nations that we’re operative tighten with, et cetera, and — though a best leaks have come out of a U.S. government.

HANNITY: All right, general, conclude we for being with us, conclude it.

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