India v Pakistan: live

India v Pakistan: live


OVER 17 IND 115/3 (Kohli 32* Raina 23*) It takes 39 balls for
these dual to pierce adult a 50 partnership, yet usually one from that over. Again
from Saeed Ajmal.

OVER 16 IND 114/3 (Kohli 32* Raina 22*) Gul finish in yet contingency know
that his side needs wickets to change a momentum. But a margin is
defensive. India utterly simply explain a single, dual and a singular from the
initial 3 balls. The fourth round is a slower smoothness and Raina is means to
take another single. Easy street. Another singular on round five. Oh no, a wide
now. This is unequivocally circuitous down now. Pakistan are good beaten. They were 20
or so runs short, as we feared. And a singular to finish off. Eight from the

OVER 15 IND 106/3 (Kohli 28* Raina 18*) After that good over from Ajmal
it’s followed adult by a punishing one. Shahid Afridi leaks 10 runs in the
initial 4 balls. Kohli a punisher. He creates 12 off a over in all. India
are using divided with this now. Five overs to go.

OVER 14 IND 94/3 (Kohli 17* Raina 18*) Ajmal steadies a Pakistani
ship. Only 3 from that over, finale in 3 dots.

OVER 13 IND 91/3 (Kohli 15* Raina 17*) Raina has brought a clarity of
ease to a Indian innings, and they are chipping divided during a compulsory 131.
He crashes dual fours by a leg side in that Bhatti over. They need 40
off 42 balls. Should be candid for a Indians from here.

OVER 12 IND 81/3 (Kohli 14* Raina 8*) Nine off a subsequent over,
bowled by Mohammad Hafeez. But could Afridi have held a final smoothness in
a slips? It was Raina who had had a skinny edge. He was not pointy adequate the

OVER 11 IND 72/3 (Kohli 7* Raina 6*) After losing that wicket India
conduct to benefit 7 runs from that over. The best shot comes from the
fourth round when Raina guides one past point.

Yuvraj b Bhatti 1
Yorker on a bottom of off stump, initial round from the
seamer. Wow. Fast and furious. FOW 65/3. India remove dual wickets for
dual runs. That has finished things unequivocally engaging …

OVER 10 IND 65/2 (Kohli 6* Yuvraj 1*) Cracking over from a spinner

Rohit b Ajmal 24
Ajmal has finished a good breakthrough as Rohit plays on. It
was too tighten to cut. The second opener is gone. FOW 64/2.

OVER 9 IND 63/1 (Rohit 24* Kohli 0*) Two wides from Afridi spoil a good
over. And Kohli punishes a seventh round of a over, and glaces it for
4 down excellent leg. And on a eighth over he gets another single. Nine off
a over. Gosh.

OVER 8 IND 54/1 (Rohit 24* Kohli 0*) Wow. Rohit Sharma crashes a
85-metre 6 right behind over Omar Gul’s conduct in a second round of a over.
With a round retaining good a spinner competence be improved for Pakistan, surely?
A single, afterwards a double, and afterwards a Dhawan 4 right behind past Gul. But
wicket with a final ball. Still, 13 from that over.

Dhawan c Ajmal b Gul 30
The brief round catches a opener out. He is
held good out in a deep, out during retard leg. Here comes Virat Kohli, the
in-form 25-year-old batsman. FOW 54/1.

OVER 7 IND 41/0 (Rohit 17* Dhawan 24*) The round is given to Shahid
Afridi. Can he change a compare again for his country? He wasn’t a best
with a bat. How will he transport with a ball? Two runs from his initial four
balls is flattering good. And now another dot. And a singular during a end. Three
off a over. Boom Boom is angry. He didn’t wish that final singular to be so
easy. Fair enough. Umar Akmal is off too for Pakistan, he looks as yet he
has harm his groin. Not in a Sohaib Maqsood way, yet in a some-more common
way, a strain. He’s a decent fielder, though. Seven an over indispensable for
India. Coasting.

OVER 6 IND 38/0 (Rohit 15* Dhawan 23*) Umar Gul’s initial over, a last
of a energy play. The initial round is a singular yet it was a run out chance.
And there is a extensive postponement on a penultimate round as Sohaib Maqsood is
strike in “his groin”. Ouch. There is a vast plaint as it’s shown on
a vast screen. Every male knows what that pain is like. It’s dull, it’s
horrible. He hobbles off a pitch. And to supplement insult to damage Dhawan
crashes a final round to a range for four.

OVER 5 IND 31/0 (Rohit 14* Dhawan 17*) Dhawan still looks bold in the
initial dual balls of Saeed Ajmal’s over. But on a third he shakes himself
from his shackles and, carrying managed 5 runs from his initial 15 balls, he
creams a brush by a leg side for four. And he clocks adult dual some-more – a
true lift (!) and afterwards another brush toil – before a over is out. Was
that a one vast over India needed?

OVER 4 IND 19/0 (Rohit 14* Dhawan 5*) And in a initial dual balls the
transformation changes, causing a throng to sing: “India, India!”
Sharma crashes smoothness series one for four, opting for a unsure shot behind
excellent leg. And a subsequent round is boomed for six, India’s initial of their
innings. His opening partner Dhawan is struggling a little, though. He
steals a singular during a finish there. A dozen off that Junaid Khan over.

OVER 3 IND 7/0 (Rohit 3* Dhawan 4*) Pressure building adult for
India now. Good from captain Hafeez. Only dual singles entrance from his off

OVER 2 IND 5/0 (Rohit 2* Dhawan 3*) Junaid Khan, a seamer, winds up.
He has a smashing skip during a start of his run up. It’s like a Bambi jump.
Dot to dot during a commencement and afterwards Sharma glances one down to third man.
And there is a run out possibility yet Dhawan is safe. Only dual from that over.
Solid start from Pakistan.

OVER 1 IND 3/0 (Rohit 1* Dhawan 2*) Three from a initial over. One from
a initial ball, a single. And then, on a penultimate delivery, Dhawan gets
dual pulling to midst on.

15.07 So here we go, Rohit Sharma will face a initial round of India’s
initial ball. It will be from captain Mohammad Hafeez, a off spinner.

TOTAL AFTER 20 OVERS: 130/7 (Bhatti 0*)Maqsood hits his side’s
second 6 from a initial round of a over, bowled by Mohammed Shami. Then
there is a dual and another boundary, a four. Straight behind over a bowler’s
head, from a full toss. Twelve runs off a initial 3 balls. Another two.
Dot. And final ball? It’s another two. There was a approach hit. It goes
upstairs? Yes it was usually out.

Maqsood Maqsood 20 run out
On a final delivery. Decent cameo from him.
Went for a second run and was usually brief as MS Dhoni churned his stumps

OVER 19 115/ 6 (Maqsood 6* Bhatti 0*) Boom Boom finally booms, good it
was not unequivocally that explosive. But Off a bowling of Kumar Afridi is able
to eruption a initial round divided for 4 on a midst wicket boundary. The
second round gains Pakistan a run, and off his initial round Sohaib Maqsood
crashes a round over a bowler, Kumar’s conduct for four. Under pressure
that’s a poetic effort. But his batting partner is held a integrate of
deliveries later. Last over entrance up.

Afridi 8 c Raina b Kumar
A brush emporium loops adult and that was Raina’s third
catch. FOW 114/6

OVER 18 PAK 104/5 (Afridi 3* Maqsood 0*) Well bowled a seamer
Mohammed Shami. Two runs and a wicket from a over. Tidy during a death. Two
overs left. Run rate dipping alarmingly. Eight runs in a final 3 overs

U Akmal c Raina b Shami 33
Looking for force a gait a younger Akmal
hits down a belligerent and it’s pocketed. That was Shami’s initial international
wicket in Twenty20. FOW 103/5

OVER 17 PAK 102/4 (U Akmal 33* Afridi 1*) Good parsimonious over from Jadeja.
The spinner nips by it, too. And usually dual singles come from it. Just
3 overs remaining.

OVER 16 PAK 100/4 (U Akmal 32* Afridi 0*) Boom Boom has to retard the
dual balls he faces during a finish of a over. Only 4 from a over, well
bowled again Misha. Two for 22 from his 4 overs.

Malik c Raina b Mishra 18
He badly untimely that one. The experienced
batsman famous for his vast hits went down a belligerent and holed out during deep
prolonged on. Here comes Boom Boom Afridi. FOW 97/3

OVER 15 PAK 96/3 (U Akmal 29* Malik 18*) The representation seems to be holding
adult a small as a diversion goes on. Ashwin’s final over is not back. Pakistan
work a singles well, and Malik sneaks a 4 in a final round of a over.
Kumar can’t locate it out in a low on a leg side, and he can’t get his
physique in a way, either. Five overs remaining.

OVER 14 PAK 89/3 (U Akmal 27* Malik 14*) Akmal crashes a full ball
initial adult from Jadeja and gets two. There is a singular subsequent followed by a dot
and afterwards an almighty wide. The spinner slipped there. Six runs from that
over. That’s 42 for a partnership.

OVER 13 PAK 83/3 (U Akmal 23* Malik 14*) Seven off a over there, but
no bounds from Ashwin’s 6 balls. Seven overs to go.

OVER 12 PAK 76/3 (U Akmal 21* Malik 9*) Some 84 metres. That is how big
Shoaib Malik’s 6 – a initial of a diversion – is. Malik used his feet good to
pile-up a round behind over Mishra’s head. That was a prominence in a decent
over by Pakistan. Another 13 runs gleaned from that over.

OVER 11 PAK 63/3 (U Akmal 15* Malik 2*) A bit of a suprise now
as Yuvraj Singh bowls. He was not used in a warm-up games. And it’s an
costly one for India. He looks lax and unconfident, and cedes 3 runs. A
double is grabbed on a initial ball, Umar Akmal afterwards gets propitious with the
second ball, that is misfielded and creates it by to a boundary. Later
he creates a many of another lax one and beats a sweeper on a cover

OVER 10 PAK 50/3 (U Akmal 3* Malik 1*) Another neat over from
India, and Ravindra Jadeja. Only dual singles entrance from that.

OVER 9 PAK 47/3 (U Akmal 1* Malik 0*) Blimey, we don’t get many wicket
maidens in T20 general cricket. That was one. India have Pakistan in
a clamp during a moment. Pakistan are scoring during 5.22 runs an over. Not
unequivocally good enough. And they have dual new batsmen in. Well bowled Mishra,
a right-arm spinner.

Shehzad st Dhoni b Mishra 22
Oh no, opener Shehzad has been completely
finished there. Great bowling from Mishra. The batsman did not get to a pitch
of a delivery, that fizzed good pass a blade. And Shehzad just
continues walking after shuffling, not really convincingly, towards a ball.
FOW 47/3

OVER 8 47/2 (Shehzad 22* U Akmal 1*) Pakistan still managed to get
7 from that over, bowled by India’s third spinner, Jadeja.

Hafeez c B Humar b R Jadeja 15
The skipper goes. He skied one to a on
side and it was gobbled adult this time, off Jadeja’s second round of his match.
Hafeez had warranted 3 off a initial round with a clout shot to third man. FOW

OVER 7 PAK 60/1(Shehzad 17* Hafeez 14*) Six runs from a over, and
Pakistan are warming to a charge after a bold start. A coupld of slogs and
some well-taken singles keep them ticking over.

OVER 6 PAK 34/1 (Shehzad 13* Hafeez 12*) Big dump off Shami’s bowling
on a initial ball. Hafeez skies one and it’s floored. That was Yuvraj Singh,
one of a best fielders on a Indian team, underneath it, too. The second ball
is spanked for 4 by Shehzad, and again a opener goes during Shami. This
time it’s sliced towards third male and is usually a single. And Hafeez blades
one by a off side, intermediate it is sweetly. He finishes with a pull
shot, wheeling away, and it’s usually a single. A improved over for Pakistan.
They indispensable that.

OVER 5 PAK 22/1 (Shehzad 8* Hafeez 5*) Seamer Kumar is behind in the
conflict from a other end. Dot to far-reaching to dot. Three balls not overwhelmed first
up. And Hafeez can’t do most with a fourth round of a over, either. He
prods it down. He goes vast with a crack of a wrist to cow dilemma and
bags a integrate of runs on a penultimate ball, though. And Shehzad is able
to get a singular on a final ball.

OVER 4 PAK 17/1 (Shehzad 7* Hafeez 2*) Seamer Mohammed Shami
takes a ball, and it’s a decent one. Only dual singles entrance from it. Good
start from India. The final round is another bold impulse when there is
another nearby run out. It’s Hafeez this time who shimmied down looking for a
run, usually to be sent back. They need to get a pierce on, sure.

OVER 3 PAK 15/1 (Shehzad 6* Hafeez 1*) Shehzad crashes a last
round of a good over, that had gleaned usually dual singles adult to that point
from Ashawin, for a tasty 4 upheld leg on. Nice. That competence ease him down
a little.

OVER 2: PAK 9/1 (Shehzad 1* Hafeez 0*) Seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar
is given a round for a second over, yet there was not most movement.
Shehzad takes as discerning singular off a initial ball. And Akmal grabbed himself
another boundary, crashing a somewhat far-reaching one by a covers on the
fourth ball. But a opener was run out a subsequent delivery. The final round is
a bad LBW shout. It was going down leg utterly a way, and there is almost
another run out. Shehzad, who needs to chill out a little, had to dive to
keep his ground. Mohammad Hafeez, a captain out there with him now, need
to relax him.

WICKET! Kamran Akmal run out 8
The risk male is out. He went for a quick
singular and was sent behind by his opening partner Ahmed Shehzad. Bowler Kumar
has time to solid himself and bashful accurately during a wickets, that flash
when hit. FOW 9/1

OVER 1: PAK 4/0 (Akmal 4* Shehzad 0*) Just a one range in the
opening over. It came on a third ball, and it was a loosest of a lot,
pitching too short. Kamran Akmal heaved it behind retard for a one-bounce

13.27 Kamran Akmal has finished his symbol and will face a initial ball. His
opening partner will be 22-year-old Ahmed Shezad. And R Ashwin will start
a bowling for India. A chuck of a bones true divided then. The right-arm
spinner starts around a wicket …

13.25 Here are your line-ups:

India: R Sharma, S Dhawan, S Raina, Yuvraj Singh, V Kohli, MS Dhoni, R
Ashwin, R Jadeja, A Mishra, B Kumar, Mohammed Shami

Pakistan: Ahmed Shehzad, Kamran Akmal, Mohammad Hafeez, Umar Akmal,
Shoaib Malik, Sohaib Maqsood, Shahid Afridi, Bilawal Bhatti, Umar Gul, Saeed
Ajmal, Junaid Khan.

13.20 Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez is feeling confident:

QuoteIt’s a good pitch, we wanted to post a good sum and we have good strength
in a bowling so hopefully we will behind that up. It’s always good whenever
we play opposite India, we’re going to suffer this and hopefully everyone
around a universe will.

And Mahendra Dhoni, in India captain, competence let his twirlers do the

QuoteWe are looking to play first, we are personification with an additional spinner so we
can’t bank on either there will be dew or not. The good thing is we have
movement with dual or 3 spinners who are all different. The lane looks
to be on a soothing and delayed side yet in 20 overs it doesn’t change much.

Meanwhile it’s anthems time on a pitch.

13.10 Both of those sides have won this World Cup, of course: Pakistan
in 2009 and India in 2007, a initial competition, in that a Indians
degraded a Pakistanis by 5 runs. Interestingly each international
captain who has won a toss during Shere Bangla National has left on to win the

13.05 India’s captain MS Dhoni has won a toss and has inaugurated to bowl

13.00 So we are half an hour divided from flog off, and news is filtering
by that a Netherlands have competent for a World Twenty20 main
following a thespian six-wicket feat over Ireland in a run-feast
featuring a record 30 sixes in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Stephan Myburgh and Tom Cooper strike 13 sixes between them as a Dutch chased
down a 190-run aim in usually 13.5 overs to allege forward of Zimbabwe and
a Irish on higher net run rate.

Myburgh (63 off 23 balls) strike 7 sixes and 4 fours and combined 91 runs in
usually 6 overs for a opening wicket with captain Peter Borren (31 off 15).
Nice work boys.

12.30 So a ICC World Twenty20 enters a Super 10 proviso in an hour,
and here we can follow a competition between rivals and former winners India
and Pakistan.

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