‘Heroic’ tyro killed interlude self-murder bomber during high propagandize in Pakistan

‘Heroic’ tyro killed interlude self-murder bomber during high propagandize in Pakistan


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Aitazaz Hassan is being hailed as a favourite in his hometown after a Pakistani teen sacrificed his life to save others, rebellious a self-murder bomber outward his school.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Tributes were paid Thursday to a high propagandize tyro who officials contend foiled a self-murder explosve conflict in an act of “bravery” that cost him his life.

Aitazaz Hassan, 17, was killed now – though military and propagandize officials pronounced a lives of adult to 1,500 other students during a propagandize in Pakistan had been saved.

“My son did a drastic pursuit and we am unapproachable of his bravery,” pronounced a boy’s lamentation father, Mujahid Ali.

The teen challenged a would-be bomber during a propagandize entrance, pronounced Lal Baz Ali, principal of a state-run Ibrahimzai High School, in a Hangu district of Pakistan’s flighty Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region.

After a “physical” scuffle, a bomber – wearing a coupler carrying about 13 pounds of explosives – detonated a device, murdering a teen instantly. 

“It would have been terrible had he succeeded entering a propagandize building,” Lal Baz told NBC News by telephone.

Tributes were paid to a child on amicable media Thursday, with a hashtag #onemillionaitzazs trending on Twitter in Pakistan and elsewhere.

An anti-Shia narrow-minded belligerent organization, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, claimed shortcoming for Monday’s botched attack, in an area tighten to a Afghan border. It is suspicion Shia students during a propagandize were a dictated targets.

Lal Baz pronounced Hassan was a brave, respectful and gifted tyro – and that a propagandize was unapproachable of his actions.

He pronounced Hassan beheld when a bomber arrived in a automobile and began walking towards a propagandize building.

“The bomber was dressed in propagandize uniform and asked Aitazaz Hassan about school. He asked him because he wanted to enter a school, he told him he wanted to see a principal and that got Aitazaz questionable and he intent in a earthy strife with him,” a clergyman recalled.

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Pakistani confidence crew inspect a site of a self-murder bombing in a Ibrahimzai area of Hangu district on Monday.

Hangu military chief, Iftikhar Ahmad, pronounced a teen sacrificed his life though saved adult to 1,500 other students and teacher.

The boy’s father, Mujahid Ali, was operative abroad as a laborer in a Qatari capital, Doha, during a time of a attack. He has given returned to his lamentation family.

He pronounced not a singular supervision central or apportion has visited a family or telephoned to offer condolences.

“I would be happier if a supervision named a propagandize after him, to give a credit to his sacrifice,” Ali said.

He combined that Aitazaz’s mother, elder brother, Mujtaba Hasan, 28, and dual sisters were still anguish a death.

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