Former Leader of Pakistan Denounces Treason Charges

Former Leader of Pakistan Denounces Treason Charges


In a singular communication with reporters representing unfamiliar news outlets, Mr. Musharraf spoke with a ostensible certainty that belied a fusillade of authorised charges and oppressive critique in a press opposite him given his lapse from outcast abroad in March.

In those early days, he presented himself as a intensity savior for Pakistan’s domestic woes. But in a months given his return, as his domestic hopes imploded and as a new supervision of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, whom he deposed in a 1999 coup, began exploring charges opposite him, he has instead turn a kind of open indicator of how most a nation — and, perhaps, a infantry — competence have altered given his time in power.

On Sunday, he insisted that he had been treated foul and suggested that a infantry was on corner over his fate, notwithstanding overpower from Pakistan’s generals over a past few months.

“After carrying finished so most for a growth and gratification of a people, is this what we deserve?” Mr. Musharraf asked in a event with reporters in a dining room of his farmhouse villa on a hinterland of Islamabad.

“I would contend a whole army is upset,” he said. “I have led this army from a front — we am not a study-table form of an army chief. The feedback that we have perceived is that a whole army, they are worried, and they are totally with me, we think, on this issue.”

He added, “Certainly, they wouldn’t like anything function to their ex-army chief.”

However, he stopped brief of commenting on what a new army chief, Gen. Raheel Sharif, competence cruise of a fraud prosecution. Mr. Musharraf described General Sharif as a “straight dealer,” and said, “I reason him in high esteem.”

Much of his madness was destined opposite Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, a recently retired conduct of Pakistan’s judiciary, whom he described as “an romantic arch justice.”

It was Mr. Musharraf’s pierce as boss in 2007 to glow Justice Chaudhry, whom he had promoted to arch probity dual years before, that lighted an antithesis transformation that eventually forced a former ubiquitous out of power.

Mr. Musharraf pronounced he felt tricked by his domestic allies, many of whom due their fortunes and their positions to his patronage. But he insisted that he did not cruise a United States, who once called him a premier fan in fighting terrorism, to be among a ranks of those who had deserted him.

“I have extensive support there,” he said. “I have been to United States for my lectures, all over United States. we have been on a Hill also, to a Senate and a congressmen. There is extensive volume of appreciation of whatever we did in a region, fighting extremism and terrorism. They have not let me down.”

He added, though, that he did not design a United States to be charity him any kind of open support in his authorised troubles. “In a background, maybe on their own, they are maybe doing something,” he said, “but we am not concerned in that.”

Mr. Musharraf, who during his widen in energy was lustful of emphasizing his certification as a swashbuckling commando leader, pronounced that nowadays, he felt cramped and nervous in his home. He has spent most of a past months underneath chateau arrest, and is surrounded by guards to strengthen him from assassination.

It was a such a intensity confidence risk that put off a fraud record opposite him until a new year, after explosve materials and handguns were found along his convoy’s track to a collateral for a designed justice coming on Tuesday.

He described his farmhouse villa, a four-bedroom home on 5 acres of land, as only “a small improved than an normal house.” It is comfortably, if not lavishly, appointed, and flashy in a mostly organise theme, including commemorative swords.

Mostly, he voiced a yearning to be means to leave it some-more freely.

“I wish to be a giveaway man, to go and come behind as we please,” he said. “What is a assign opposite me? we have not been convicted of anything.”

A nomadic highway out of Islamabad leads to Mr. Musharraf’s residence, that is ringed by 3 confidence checkpoints. A late colonel oversees his security, with paramilitary ranger infantry positioned alongside a range walls and private commandos within a house.

Mr. Musharraf insisted that he was not deterred by a authorised hurdles opposite him — not even a imminent fraud case, that is formed on accusations that he subverted a Constitution by banishment Justice Chaudhry and commanding puncture order during that crisis, and could lift a genocide chastisement if he is convicted. But he acknowledged, “I am flitting by an important, vicious stage.”

In a interview, he shielded his time in office, observant that even yet his domestic allies pushed him toward actions that finished adult mistakes, he stood on his record of fighting terrorism and militancy by Al Qaeda and a Pakistani Taliban.

He indifferent special critique for Justice Chaudhry and Prime Minister Sharif. And he took heedfulness to insist that he would never cut a understanding with Mr. Sharif merely to gangling himself a pain of authorised proceedings.

In that matter, however, a primary apportion would seem to reason a cards. The special justice record on a fraud assign opposite Mr. Musharraf are to resume on Wednesday.

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