Fine French food in a heart of Pakistan, only no Pakistanis allowed

Fine French food in a heart of Pakistan, only no Pakistanis allowed


Waj S. Khan / NBC News

Philippe Lafforgue, owners of Islamabad’s La Maison restaurant, defends his argumentative process of revelation usually foreigners to his Pakistani restaurant. “It’s not a taste thing. It’s culturally supportive thing. How can we offer pig and splash to Pakistanis though removing into trouble? So we have a rule: no locals removing in.”

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Fine French dining in a heart of Pakistan? Sounds good — that is unless you’re Pakistani and you’re not allowed. 

Say, what?

That’s right, grill owners Philippe Lafforgue, non-stop a 20-seat “La Maison” final Oct with a argumentative policy.

“It’s not a taste thing. It’s a culturally supportive thing. How can we offer pig and splash to Pakistanis though removing into trouble? So we have a rule: no locals removing in.”

By Islamic principle and Pakistani law, Muslims are banned from ethanol and pig consumption.

As a foreigner, Lafforgue claims he is authorised a permit to offer ethanol to usually non-Muslims; though there are no manners that concede him to repudiate Pakistanis opening to his grill or a meal.

He has a right to reject portion ethanol to Muslim business – as many other internal hotels do – though he motionless to repudiate Pakistanis opening entirely. Even suspicion his whole staff – including his barkeeper and cook – is Pakistani.

 “It’s not discrimination, it’s my honour to a people,” pronounced Lafforgue. “I can’t open it adult to a Pakistani people since we offer alcohol. If we start portion locals, that is apparently profitable, we will have to cheat a police…which we wish to avoid.”

However, Lafforgue’s sweeping anathema on Pakistani business has been challenged.  

Several Pakistanis – including non-Muslims who are legally entitled to devour any food or splash they wish – have questioned a policy, formulating a stir on amicable media, and forcing a military to take note.

“It’s really straightforward,” pronounced Cyril Almeida, a 34-year-old journal editor who started tweeting about a restaurant’s policies when his reservation was deserted since he had a Pakistani passport. “It’s a restaurant, it’s open to a public, and anybody can eat there…except Pakistanis. That’s wrong, and that’s offensive.

“How does a immigrant run this money-spinning business out of a heart of a Pakistani capital, and not let Pakistanis in,” Almeida asked. “And how does he get to ask me to furnish my passport? He’s not an airport. He’s not an general authority. He’s not an embassy. How can he do this? Reserving a right to acknowledgment doesn’t meant an whole difficulty of people [can be] created off.”

Lafforgue insists that other clubs duty opposite Islamabad with identical rules; however, those are dependent with embassies and tactful missions.

Instead, La Maison is on a belligerent building of Lafforgue’s possess chateau in Islamabad’s posh F7-1 area and enjoys no embassy connectors that would extend it tactful privileges. There isn’t even a arrangement pointer outward a restaurant.

The military are now onto a issue. 

 “We got complaints about this place practicing a colonial-style ‘Dogs and Indians Not Allowed’ process in a center of Islamabad, portion usually foreigners,” pronounced Yasir Afridi, an partner superintendent of a Islamabad Police. He was referring to a oppressive formula of a British epoch when locals, afterwards Indians, served as disempowered second-class adults of a Raj.

“So we privately called in to make a reservation, and was deserted when we pronounced we was a Pakistani,” pronounced Afridi. “The subsequent step was apparently to check a place out. We found over 300 bottles of non-licensed ethanol and even a casino table.”  

The military charged Lafforgue with “unlicensed alcohol,” a crime in Pakistan. 

“How can we live on a dirt and provide us like this,” pronounced Afridi. “No manners concede such behavior. This is not a nineteenth century.”

Lafforgue is still fortifying his position.

“The cops knew we wasn’t around to uncover my documents, and that’s because they timed a raid to perfection,” he said. “But now we am fighting it. we am also essay a minute to [Prime Minister] Nawaz Sharif, who is both a fan of excellent food and for formulating a good atmosphere for foreigners to deposit in Pakistan. we wish he listens to my case.”

Serving a final dish – for now – on Saturday evening, Lafforgue is assured he “will be portion pâté in a week or two.”

However, a Islamabad police, insists that Lafforgue has a rapist record in another Pakistani city, Lahore, and are conducting credentials checks on him.



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