Family of American Kidnapped in Pakistan Say He Has Not Been Forgotten

Family of American Kidnapped in Pakistan Say He Has Not Been Forgotten


PHOTO: Warren Weinstein is shown in a Jan. 6, 2009 photo, left, and in a still from video expelled anonymously to reporters in Pakistan, Dec. 26, 2013.

The family of an aged American male kidnapped in Pakistan by al Qaeda some-more than dual years ago pronounced currently that after observant a new video of him pleading for help, they wish him to know that he has not been forgotten.

Warren Weinstein‘s mother told ABC News’ David Muir in an disdainful talk currently of a pain she and her dual daughters felt when they saw him contend in a recently expelled video that he felt abandoned.

“I wanted to die right there on a spot,” Elaine Weinstein said. “Because he has no thought how tough we’ve attempted to get him back. But there’s zero to do to get him back, since they don’t tell we unequivocally what they want. I’d like to consider that somebody can rescue him.”

The 72-year-old male was operative as a consultant in Lahore, Pakistan, assisting with village projects to urge a economy when gunmen stormed into his unit and took him serf some-more than dual years ago, his family said.

In a fasten expelled this week, Warren Weistein looks into a camera with an interest to President Obama. He wants to come home.

In a video, expelled by Al Qaeda’s media wing, Weinstein is seen wearing a grey burst fit slouching in a chair, with a grey wall behind him. He asks Obama to negotiate directly for his release.

“Mr. Obama, you’re a family man,” Weinstein says.
“You know a low mental stress and agonise that we have been experiencing for these past some-more than dual years. And therefore I’m appealing to we on a charitable basis, if zero else, and seeking that we take a required actions to assist my recover and my lapse to my family and to my country.”

It’s a first explanation of life video of Weinstein in some-more than a year when Al Qaeda expelled a identical video. In that video, Weinstein suggested he would be killed unless a U.S. supervision met his captors’ demands, that enclosed releasing all prisoners from Guantanamo Bay. They also demanded an finish to all U.S. worker strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere.

Unlike a prior video, a one this week shows Weinstein sporting a thick graying brave and embellished moustache. It’s not probable to establish a state of Weinstein’s health from a video alone, though he appears forlorn, his eyes watering during several points, revelation he’s not in good health and that “the years have taken their toll.”

The video was emailed anonymously to a handful of reporters in Pakistan, along with a minute that was allegedly created by Weinstein himself. In a letter, he asks a media to “mount a debate to get a American supervision to actively pursue my recover and to make certain that we am not lost and only turn another statistic.”

The minute is sealed “Cordially yours, Warren Weinstein.”

State Department mouthpiece Jen Psaki expelled a matter saying,
“We’re operative tough to substantiate this latest report, though we echo a call that Warren Weinstein be expelled and returned to his family. Particularly during this holiday deteriorate – another one divided from his family – a hopes and prayers are with him and those who adore and skip him.”

Weinstein was operative as a executive for USAID in 2011 when gunmen pennyless into his home in a Pakistani city of Lahore, Pakistan’s second largest city. U.S. officials have prolonged believed he was fast energetic divided to a riotous genealogical segment along Pakistan’s limit with Afghanistan. In prior audio tapes, Al Qaeda’s new personality , Ayman Al Zawahiri, pragmatic that he was directly holding Weinstein captive.

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