Can Pakistan save Erdogan?

Can Pakistan save Erdogan?


The time seemed right to many observers, a place not wholly suspicion out. Why would a sitting, yet troubled, primary apportion of a nation revisit another sitting, though reduction troubled, premier of another nation during a city other than a capital?

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan landed during Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore, Pakistan, in late Dec for a two-day central visit. But a doubt going brazen was: because Turkey? Why Erdogan? Why this remarkable change in a Turkish unfamiliar process now? The answers are not easy to find given family between Turkey and Pakistan have never been anything out of a ordinary.

Can Turkey offer a boost to Pakistan’s struggling economy? There are dual views on a issue. The initial that reflected a central narrative was represented in a Pak-Turkey Business Forum that lured in a Turkish PM in a initial place. Turkey can offer team-work and coordination to Pakistan in infrastructure and transport. This was translated into the MOUs sealed between a dual countries in sports, railway, peculiarity control and disaster management.

There were also talks of implementing a Pakistan-Turkey Preferential Trade Agreement. It is engaging to note that a MOUs do not enclose any hints on Pakistan’s heading predicament zone of appetite and power. The vital issues during palm for the present government is a appetite predicament and unemployment. The Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recognises this. Recently, His supervision made schemes to yield tiny loans to impoverished girl who have good business plans. The move, as a supervision declared, directed during a expansion of tiny and middle enterprises in Pakistan. But can Turkey be of any assistance in Pakistan’s hour of need?

According to a World Bank, Turkey has a 17th largest favoured GDP in a world. The strength of a European Union economies, that Turkey brings in, is substantially a best resolution for a supervision during a moment.

Sharif’s supervision has always been identified as pro-trade and pro-agriculture. For an rural nation like Pakistan, it is always good to have family with a nation that develops rural machinery. Turkey is among a world’s largest producers of rural machine with a fast flourishing private sector. The fact that Turkey can assistance Pakistan in incomparable mercantile terms competence be a bit exaggerated. But Erdogan does have a intensity to support Sharif in implementing his populist mercantile model.

Turkey stays substantially a usually nation during a tellurian retrogression to say a mercantile growth. It remained during 9.2 percent in 2010, and stumbled down to 8.5 percent in 2011, though is this flushed mercantile design real? Facts pronounce a opposite story. According to a Wall Street Journal, a Turkish lira plunged a record low in 17 months due to a stream domestic misunderstanding in a country.

Erdogan’s surprising revisit to Pakistan came during a credentials of a domestic predicament during home. This turmoil, or a crime liaison as a prosecutors and military call it, has taken a bizarre spin as a sons of four  of Erdogan cupboard members have been arrested on charges of bribery. The primary apportion reacted strongly in a debate blaming what he described as “foreign elements” involvment behind a scandal. He pronounced that he and his supervision wish to make Turkey one of a tip 10 countries in a universe though these people do not wish to let that happen.

Such a predicament expel doubt over what accurately Turkey can have in a bag for Pakistan other than the entertainment industry. Turkish dramas have taken Pakistan by charge though that really does not feel like a good reason for a primary apportion to dump in for an central visit.

Another probability could be a fact that a revisit comes during a time when a US and NATO devise to lift out their army from Afghanistan. The usually protected and arguable track for infantry pullout  is by Pakistan. But this is cryptic for a series of reasons many vicious of that is that this supervision – allegedly – has a soothing mark for Taliban elements in a country. Policies adopted by a benefaction supervision and noticed as reflecting a worried proceed could infer damaging for a US and NATO at this vicious time. This is when Turkey steps in, as it could put in a good word for NATO and a US and assistance Pakistan get closer to a European Union and a US. Additionally, there is a additional advantage of increasing trade volume with Pakistan.

What Erdogan presumably skeleton to get out of a revisit is a certainty to have his many allies from a Islamic states on his side, as he faces vicious time during home. With that in palm and a additional assurances from his allies in Europe, he can devise on another 10 years of order for his party. The crime predicament competence not be easy for him to get out of, though Sharif can give him a square of recommendation on precisely that issue. With a series of crime charges brought opposite Sharif and his supervision for a past integrate of decades, it is really probable that Pakistan’s arch politician competence have a pretence adult his sleeve to share with a one in trouble.

Malik Ayub Sumbal is an award-winning publisher now formed in Islamabad.

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