British lady gets life in Pakistan for drugs smuggling

British lady gets life in Pakistan for drugs smuggling


Khadija Shah with her babyKhadija Shah’s family have formerly lifted concerns for her health

A British lady has been condemned to life seizure in Pakistan after being convicted of perplexing to filch 63kg of heroin out of a country.

Khadija Shah, 26, from Birmingham, was heavily profound when she was arrested during Islamabad airfield in May 2012.

Shah, who gave birth to a baby girl, Malaika, while in jail, denied a charges opposite her.

She had dual other children with her during a time of her arrest, though they have given returned to Britain.

In 2012, a justice in Rawalpindi listened Shah was arrested after 63kg of heroin, with a UK travel value of about £3.2m, was found in several suitcases in her possession.

Tuberculosis fears

Shah claimed she was carrying a cases for someone else and was unknowingly of a contents.

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Khadija Shah was innate and brought adult in a UK and usually visited Pakistan a few times.

She could have faced a genocide chastisement in this case, though Pakistan has celebrated an unaccepted duration on executions given 2008.

Lawyer Shahzad Akbar pronounced Shah, who also has a daughter aged 5 and a son aged six, did not pronounce Urdu during a time of her arrest.

The baby lady innate in jail with her is being brought adult behind jail bars and has already had her initial birthday.

Most of Shah’s family is in a UK.

The counsel pronounced they would interest opposite a preference and he apparently is utterly penetrating that her matter is taken adult earlier rather than later, though there is no approach of knowing.

She was convicted and condemned on Tuesday by a Special Narcotics Court.

Her counsel Shahzad Akbar pronounced they would interest opposite a preference in a High Court subsequent week.

Her family lifted concerns for her health, and that of her baby, in a matter in May final year.

At a time, a authorised gift Reprieve pronounced it was disturbed a child had not perceived immunisations that are slight in a UK and there had been an conflict of illness in a jail in 2012.

Maya Foa, executive of Reprieve’s Death Penalty team, pronounced a news was “a terrible outcome” for Shah and her baby.

“As happens in hundreds of cases, she was used as a drugs jackass but her believe and nonetheless is confronting life in a Pakistani prison,” she said.

“The UK supervision contingency safeguard that Khadija gets a obligatory assistance she needs to interest her judgment so that her baby doesn’t grow adult behind bars.”

Prison officials have formerly pronounced Shah and her baby were being treated well.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office orator said: “We are wakeful that a British inhabitant has been given a custodial judgment in Pakistan.

“We sojourn in unchanging hit with her and we will continue to yield her and her family with consular assistance.”

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