Afghanistan’s Karzai Steps adult Pakistan Accusations

Afghanistan’s Karzai Steps adult Pakistan Accusations


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In a phone call with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Hamid Karzai indicted Pakistan of being behind a new array of attacks and of restraint his supervision from distinguished a assent understanding with a Taliban, a Afghan president’s bureau pronounced Sunday.

Karzai customarily creates such accusations opposite Islamabad, though his tinge in new days has been quite forked and direct. They come after run of 3 attacks in 5 days in a collateral Kabul, a latest a Saturday machine-gun and rocket-propelled grenade fusillade of a country’s electoral elect brazen of ubiquitous elections set for subsequent week.

Karzai told Kerry on Saturday a attacks were formidable in inlet and stage-managed by “foreign comprehension agencies,” a anxiety to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence. He also told Kerry that he did not accept U.S. arguments that it had no change “over countries that support terrorism,” and pronounced U.S. refusal to go after a Pakistani comprehension organisation could serve harm U.S. family with Afghanistan.

The Taliban have claimed shortcoming for a new assault in Kabul. Islamabad has a prolonged and difficult attribute with a group, though few analysts accept Karzai’s allegations that Pakistani comprehension agencies and not a Taliban are entertainment attacks. Pakistan denies that it is aiding a Taliban.

Karzai is not authorised to run for re-election in a Apr 5 ballot, as he is barred by a structure from seeking a third tenure in office. He is seen as positioning himself for life after a presidency, depicting himself as a tough-speaking nationalist.

Karzai has also refused to pointer a Bilateral Security Agreement with a United States that would concede for a U.S. and NATO to leave behind a residual force of about 12,000 soldiers after a final withdrawal of general fight infantry takes place during a finish of this year. Despite widespread support for a agreement, Karzai says he initial wants a U.S. to pierce brazen with a assent agreement with a Taliban, presumably by putting vigour on neighbor Pakistan.

During a write conversation, according to a Afghan presidency, Karzai told Kerry that a Taliban were peaceful to pronounce to his High Peace Council, an 80-member physique tasked by a boss to spearhead settlement with his armed opposition, though Pakistan was preventing them.

The presidency did not yield serve details.

The Taliban has denied any talks with Karzai and says it does not wish to pronounce with a Afghan president. However several Taliban leaders have met with members of Karzai’s High Peace Council in a United Arab Emirates, according to both Taliban and high assent legislature members, who have formerly oral to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity so as not to interrupt a ethereal diplomacy.

Also on Sunday, a roadside explosve killed a use member with a general infantry bloc in Afghanistan in a southeastern province, pronounced Coalition orator Capt. Patrick Simmons.

The explosve was set off by remote control as a procession reached a hinterland of Qalat, collateral of Zabul province, pronounced district administrator Abdul Khaliq Ayubi. He pronounced another 3 infantry were wounded.

NATO customarily waits for member countries to announce a nationalities of casualties.

Most of Afghanistan’s confidence is now in a hands of a Afghan National Security Forces brazen of a withdrawal of general fight infantry during a finish of December. Still, general use crew spasmodic unit uneasy areas and support Afghan infantry when requested.

A realistic rebellion still rages in Afghanistan’s south and east.


AP contributor Mirwais Khan in Kandahar contributed to this report. Kathy Gannon is AP Special Regional Correspondent for Afghanistan and Pakistan and can be followed on

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