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25 Most Unbelievable Inventions

By: Believe ThatPublished: 1 year ago

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Inventions! People come up with the craziest things. Would you purchase any of these wild inventions?

15 - Rain, Rain Go away…
I really can’t fault this one, because wet dogs really don’t smell very good. This dog lead doubles up as an umbrella for those unexpected showers.

14 - Butter wouldn’t melt…
A typical first world problem – getting frustrated when the butter is hard as a rock and breaks your bread or toast when you try and spread it. This is a great solution for that rock hard butter, and for your sanity!

13 - Walkies!
You see a lot of unusual pets being taken for walks, from cats, to mice and even pigs… but did you ever imagine taking your pet fish for a walk? Me either! But it’s totally possible with this pet fish walker – your goldfish will totally benefit from it.

12 - The reasoning is sound…
What a shame it didn’t work very well. In 1935, it was thought that this invention would help reverse the signs of aging. Whilst the body was spinning around, with the head at a downward angle – it could reverse the effects of gravity. It sadly never actually worked, as if it did – the inventor would be the richest man on earth.

11 - Is this even possible?
This is a lightsaber cutting knife, which is said to toast the bread as you slice through it. This would totally revolutionize every busy parent’s morning, and make preparing breakfast a breeze.

10 - Breaking all the conventional rules…
This fork is meant to make eating your spaghetti a much easier feat to accomplish, as it can get pretty messy with just an ordinary fork – but I love the design of this fork as a usual fork – just to break away from the norm!

9 - No more tears…
This strange eyewear is going to change the way you prepare your meals. No longer are you going to have those burning, stinging eyes and no more will your mascara run because of the tears – because these onion cutting goggles will solve all those problems.

8 - A lightbulb moment…
Now here’s something you really can get use out of. This is a nifty little card that converts into a lightbulb, it’s like a pop-up romantic dinner in no time at all.

7 - Reversing the signs of aging…
This is a piece of rubbery plastic known as the face slimmer. The molded lips are meant to help reverse the signs of aging, by fitting around the lips and forcing the lips open. You then have to say the vowels out loudly twice a day – and the instructions suggest that you do in the bath. I’m really not sure why.

6 - Time saver!
Now this is one that I doubt will catch on very quickly… it’s a car exhaust grill. So pop your meat patty into your exhaust, and have it cooked whilst you drive. Only problem -it only makes one at a time – but if you live alone, this is perfect!

5 - Taking Lazy to the next level…
So licking an ice-cream cone, and moving it round and round to ensure no dripping takes place is so last year! Here’s an invention to take the additional strain from you, as it this is an automatic ice-cream turner.

4 - Cleanliness is next to godliness…
Let’s head back to 1950, this 5-year old boy is wearing a special brush that was invented to clean children’s necks whilst they play! It was developed by the LA Brush Corp, and it was actually the suggestion of a mother! Thank goodness it didn’t cotton on!

3 - Could save your marriage!
Some people have a huge problem with people squeezing the toothpaste from the middle – and this invention might be the answer! It’s a 2-headed toothpaste, so regardless of where you push – the paste will come out properly from one of the ends.

2 - For the benefit of hamsters everywhere!
People with too much time on their hands must be the ones coming up with these inventions. This is a paper shredder come hamster cage. So shred your documents directly into your hamster’s cage!

1 - An eye-opening experience…
Putting eye-drops in your eyes can be a challenge sometimes, and these might help you eliminate that odd feeling you get by having to force your eyes open to receive the drops, plus – the liquid won’t go running all down your face, and drop in the exact right position.


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