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20 Rare Historic Animals You Won't Believe Existed

By: Believe ThatPublished: 1 year ago

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From giant flightless terror birds to venomous biting huge millipedes that are rare ancient creatures you wont believe existed!

12 – Going Down Under…
These massive goannas’ might have been seen by the very first aboriginals from Australia around 50 000 years ago, but that’s probably the only time humans would have seen them. Megalanias have been extinct ever since. It grew to 23 feet, had a super venomous bite and was too noisy to go after prey. So it would stand patiently and wait for the prey to come to it. They died out due to a lack of food supplies needed to supplement such huge creatures.

11 – The Lion Sleeps Tonight….
We stay down under to meet the Thylacoleo, also known as a marsupial lion. It lived around 2 million to 30 000 years ago. These guys had the strongest bite for an animal of its weight, and its tail was equally strong -allowing the animal to stand, looking like a tripod. It had retractable claws and could climb trees, and an adult weighed roughly 290 pounds!

10 – Going way back in time…
And I’m talking 500 million years ago! This creepy looking creature is called a Hallucigenia, which left scientists baffled for a long time. They thought the spine was legs, the legs tentacles and head its tail. Now it’s been deduced that it was roughly 5cm long, had 7 pairs of legs with claws and spines coming out its back. It had teeth which went down its throat. Not the kind of insect you want to find in your shoe!

9 – Don’t cry crocodile tears…
Because thank goodness these Duck crocs are no longer around. It’s called a Anatosuchus, Anas being Latin for Duck and Souchus – Greek for crocodile. In 2007, when the crocoduck was introduced by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, the idea was ridiculed (they introduced some very funny ideas on certain hybrid animals)… however fossils bearing a resemblance to the image have actually been unearthed.

8 – Some things are better left in the past…
Like these giant dragonflies! Common around 359 -299 million years ago, one can understand why it got the name Dragonfly!
These guys were massive! Their wingspan could reach 2-feet, and they grew to around 17 inches! It’s believed they would have eaten squirrels and frogs, and probably went extinct due to rising oxygen levels. Great news for us!

7 – Not part of the rat race!
Considered to be the biggest rodent that ever roamed the earth, this is a Josephoartigasia, which is said to have weighed a ton! It was believed to have a bite 3 times as powerful as the modern tiger!
Aren’t you glad you wouldn’t find one of these in your house anytime soon?

6 – The snake will always bite back!
It’s like something from the movie Anaconda, only scarier! This is the Titanoboa, literally the largest snake ever. It could grow to 40 feet and weighed up to 2500 pounds! They were around shortly after dinosaurs went extinct.
They found remains of one in 2005, with its girth as wide as a manhole! It acted in a very similar way to an Anaconda.

5 – Rumble in the jungle
It is said the last photograph to ever be taken of the Tasmanian Wolf was taken in 1933. Strangely enough, it wasn’t until 50 years later that the public were informed that the animal was officially extinct. It was a dog sized marsupial, and there have been many reports of Tasmanian sightings – as recently as January of 2016! Would be great if they were still around!

4 – Ride Em Cowboy…
This is a Protorohippus, the extinct family member of the horse family. Mainly found in North America, not much is known about them. They existed about 60 million years ago and were massive in comparison to horses today.

3 – They Don’t make them like they used to…
This looks like a giant stingray, which looks like it must have needed about 20 strong men to pull out of the ocean.
This image is a famous photo showing a model of a manta ray that was caught in 1933 off the coast of New Jersey. It weighed over 500 pounds, and had a wing span of 23 feet!

2 – Prehistoric Angry Birds!
These huge birds were called Terror birds, and lived around 27 million – 15 000 years ago. They were flightless, and one of these birds has the largest bird skull recorded – at 28 inches and for added terror, it had the most awful curved beak. They could grow as tall as 10 feet, and was one of the top predators of its time.

1 – Not your regular sea shell find!
To this day, people are still finding shell fragmets of the Cameroceras – a massive shelled squid that existed around 470 million years ago! They grew to almost 30 feet, and was a very scary predator.
I wouldn’t trust the ocean after seeing this – you never quite know what is still living at the very bottom!


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