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10 Unbelievable Coin Discoveries

By: TalltanicPublished: 1 year ago

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From a strange coin w/ a strange alien on it to ancient roman coins found in Japan how mysterious, here are 10 odd coin findings!

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5. Alien Coin
If this coin can somehow prove life on another planet or that it was used by extraterrestrials, it could worth more than all the coins on this list combined! Researchers have found mysterious coins throughout the centuries but this one here has caused much intrigue among the UFO enthusiasts who’ve seen it. Of course, skeptics are going to jump to conclusions right away and call it a hoax, but what if it’s not? This was apparently discovered during a house renovation in Egypt. One side has the head of what looks like the grey species of alien while the backside seems to look like a spaceship hovering around. The inscription on the back has the latin phrase Opportunus Adest, which translates to it’s here in due time.

4. Anglo Saxon Coin Discovery
What would you do if you can across some ancient coins that made you a millionaire in the process? That might make you reconsider the next time you think about making fun of someone at the beach with those metal detectors. A man named Paul Coleman, an amateur treasure hunter stumbled upon a remarkable discovery in the town of Buckinghamshire, in 2015. He collected an unbelievable 5000 silver coins that were made sometime between 978 AD-1035 AD and during the rule of King Canute. These were found about 2 feet under soil and were in pristine condition. This was one of the largest Anglo Saxon coin discoveries in history and he just filled up bags full of them! This brought him a serious payday of 1 million pounds or 1.2 million dollars. If this unemployed British man can do it, so can you! It’s not that much compared to some other ones were about to show you.

3. Tomares Coin Discovery
Construction workers who were laying pipes in a park in Spain came across a remarkable discovery. They managed to unearth over a half ton of Roman coins dating back from the 3rd and 4th century AD. Packed within ancient amphora, were thousands of unused bronze and silver coated coins that archaeologists believe were used to pay civil servants and soldiers. Who knew laying pipe could be so rewarding! It’s believed that they were were minted just prior to being stored in the amphora. The coins were closely studied and they seem to bear images of Constantine and Maximian who were both emperors of Rome. Constantine united the warring halves of the Roman empire and declared his new capital to be Constantinople or present day Istanbul. These coins were issued across the Roman Empire and therefore, into Spain.

2. Gold Rush Coins
An extremely lucky couple hit the jackpot when they stumbled across a historic find on their property in 2013. Northern California was home to the gold rush and so much gold was uncovered at this time that someone found the need to stash it. As they were walking their dog, they stumbled across 10 million dollars worth of rare, mint-condition coins buried next to a tree. Each of the 1427 piece treasure dated from 1847 to 1894 was authenticated by the co-founder of Professional Coin Grading Service of Santa Ana, David Hall. And they all check out as authentic! Some are so rare that they could actually fetch a price of 1 million each! And you thought stumbling across a 20 dollar bill made you lucky!

1. Jersey Iron Age Coins
A great deal of coins were found on the Island of Jersey in 2012 and it may shock you This island in the English Channel that contains a great deal of French and English culture but also contained a massive treasure. After searching for this treasure for 30 years, two amateur treasure hunters found these coins that date back to Iron Age. But no, these weren’t made of iron but silver and was the largest haul of celtic coins to have ever been found. Each coin you see in this person’s hand is worth at least 200 pounds each. This makes the total discovery worth 10 million pounds or 12 million US dollars. They were found under 3 feet of soil under a hedge in someone’s farm. The coins were packed in a clay chest and literally weighed a ton! It’s believed that it was stashed here to keep the Romans from plundering it during their conquest of the British Isles.


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