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18 Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit !

By: American EyePublished: 4 months ago

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From some of the most secretive military bunkers in the world, to remote islands with fragile ecosystems, here are18 Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit

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10. Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant
Could Ethiopia truly be the final resting place for the ark of the covenant? This one is a little bit strange because they claim that they actually have to true ark of the covenant but no one is allowed to see it not even the president of Ethiopia, because it might warp their fragile little minds. In case you didn’t know, this was supposedly the elaborate box that contained the 10 commandments and has been sought after by many crusaders. It’s said to be about the size of a seaman’s chest made of gold plated wood with two large angels at the top. Many have gone on wild quests to try to find it. Some believe that a secret society already has possession of it and that it holds some type of mystical power. What does it really look like though? I guess we never find out because it’s held in a chapel in Ethiopia, surrounded by a 10 foot fence. Maybe the monks who are guarding it have mystical powers and you shouldn’t try to find out? Possibly.

6. Device Assembly Facility
The device assembly facility is located within the National Nevada Security Site where over a thousand nuclear bombs were tested and is one of the most heavily guarded places in the US. It was built in 1980’s to assemble nuclear weapons to be tested on the proving grounds. Now that the proving grounds are inactive, it’s believed that they also learn to test the decay and maintenance of radioactive material used in the nuclears arms stockpile Also known as the DAF, this submarine looking building is made of reinforced steel and is entirely underground and heavily guarded with machine guns, humvees and armed guards. It’s remote location in the Nevada desert makes it extremely difficult to visit even you were allowed to. What else happens here remains remains unknown.

5. The Verdun Forest
Located in the country of France, there’s a zone rouge that no one is allowed to build anything on especially farms or houses. It’s land that’s been declared as completely devastated, Human life is impossible and 100 percent impossible to clean. The battle of Verdun in France was one of the longest and biggest battle during world war I and the area is still closed off due to arsenic poisoning and undetonated explosives. These photos are showing you a place that used to be considered no man's land and you can still see how a battle has shaped this land. Forests here seem quite bizarre. It’s rumored to still be littered with thousands of skeletons. Trenches are still noticeable, barbed wire is on the ground and artillery shells are turning to rust. Much of the forest was simply destroyed from artillery shells and poisonous chemical weapons filled the air during this battle. This photo here displays an entrance to forte marre which is complete inaccessible due to the extreme shelling it received, which could make it collapse at any moment.

2. Raven Rock
You better believe that the president's own personal nuclear apocalypse bunker is off limits to tourists! You definitely won’t be coming here anytime soon unless you are able to join the secret service! This secretive underground complex, known as Raven Rock is a complex system of tunnels near Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania is said to serve as the Pentagon’s replacement in case of a nuclear attack on Washington DC.

1.Area 51
No other place in the US is so well known, yet so secretive at the same time. This base sits in an extremely remote and harsh desert at Groom Lake, Nevada, just north of Las Vegas in the National Nevada Security Site. For quite a long period of time. It’s surrounded by restricted airspace the size of Rhode Island. There’s no fences around the base but any vehicles driving down a road near groom lake is detected by magnetic sensors, even if it’s on public roads. So don’t thing you’re just gonna hop in your ATV and visit this place. As soon as you reach the end of public land and reach the borders of area 51, there will be security watching you behind some desert shrubs, waiting for you to dare make a wrong move. Is the US government hiding the bodies of aliens somewhere in an underground bunker somewhere? I guess we’ll never know because we’re no allowed to come here. Any of our subscribers out there willing to floor it and live feed it for us?


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