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Not even my largest magnet...

By: Brainiac75Published: 8 years ago

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This video featured my largest neodymium magnet back in 2010 which also happens to be one of the largest in the world today. I hadn't seen neodymium magnets larger than 6 inches for sale (I had heard about some that were 8 inches in one dimension). Now, has a D200 mm x H50 mm for sale. Check my video unboxing it here:

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A lot of people ask what the magnet costs. The normal price for this magnet used to be €349 which was around $470 (February 2011) but neodymium has exploded in price since:
[Update August 2011: The price is now 799€. I guess neodymium is getting very expensive very fast!]
[Update January 2013: It's getting cheaper again: € 599 or $ 785]
[Update March 2013: It's getting cheaper still: € 530 or $ 700]

Another commonly asked question is: How do they ship this magnet? I show you this in another of my videos:

The text on the magnet is german: 'Die stärksten magnete der Welt' which translates to 'The strongest magnets in the world'.

This was my first HD-video on Youtube. It was shot with a Canon HF10 in 1920x1080i AVCHD and edited on a Dell Studio XPS with Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate Collection (version 14).
The recorded sound is not so good in this video because of a lot of background noise. This is not the video camera's fault. I had to shoot this video with the camera far away from the magnet and then zoom in. This is to avoid any damage to the camera from the strong magnetic field, flying shrapnel etc. In more recent HD-videos I have recorded in 1080p, since Youtubes compressor hates interlaced formats and adds the digital artifacts you see in this video.


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