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10 Unsolved Mysteries of Tibet

By: American EyePublished: 1 year ago

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From the mysterious Shangri La paradise in the mountains to the stories of the Yeti one of the most famous myths in the world!

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5. The Dropa Stones Mystery
The Dropa stones truly make you wonder if this mysterious culture of people might have had some contact with extraterrestrials at some point in the past. These are a series of 716 stones that all date back to 10000 BC around, and were studied in 1958 after someone had realized they were in his storage. They were inscribed with detailed hieroglyphics-like markings and many people believe they are a hoax, since they are not being kept in a museum. In 1962, the markings were deciphered that told a story of a spacecraft that had crashed near the border of China and Tibet. The people on the spaceship were actually, the Dropa people, and were forced to adapt to life on earth since they couldn’t fix their spaceship. When they were examined by the Russians, they noticed very strange properties and even contained materials difficult for primitive people to possess.

4. Descendants from Tibet
When the Nazis began to gain control of most of Europe, an archeologist came up with an bizarre theory about the possible location of Atlantis as well as the original location of their German ancestors. Heinrich Himmler and his followers believed that all Germans and members of their culture were actually from Tibet, which led to expeditions to this area. Getting there was certainly no easy task, and the exact information they might have came across to come to this conclusion during this expedition is still quite mysterious. This shadowy project had scientists and archaeologists hunting for proof in this region. They thought that this was the true area where Atlantis existed and a master race once living here. After studying facial features of the local Tibetan people, they concluded that Tibetans were descendants of the people of Atlantis and were somehow linked to the people of Germany. Although the Nazis were of course guilty of having crazy ideas, this adds more speculation on Shangri-La and it’s possible existence of it being located high up in the mountains.

3. Rainbow Body Phenomenon
Also known as Honghua, this occurrence takes place after a great enlightened monk passes away but obtainable by anyone practicing buddhism. After striving to reach the status on being enlightened in Buddhist religion which could take someone’s entire life to reach, one supposedly turns into a rainbow after death. This has been noted for centuries and the rainbow basically displays the self-liberation from the human body and into the afterlife. Thousands of people have reportedly witnessed this and maybe this could happen to you too if you meditate enough.

2. Star Shaped Towers
No one can quite come to a conclusion on why these mysterious star shaped towers were constructed. Some can reach heights of 100 feet and not much is known about their origins. How old they are is also very well disputed. They’ve also withstanded horrific earthquakes that should have devastated them. The monks in the area, refuse to give up any information about them, suspiciously. Some claim that they were used as defense structures when the Mongolians were invading, other claim that they were built by wealthy families to display their wealth. Seems to make sense right? The towers were never mentioned in any documents and any recordings about these mysterious structures just don’t seem to exist! The explanations don’t seem to answer the most obvious question; why are they star shaped. And the enigma of these towers continue.

1.Potala Palace
Located in the the former capital of Lhasa, lies a mysterious, yet great building that sits over 2.5 miles above sea level and is a true relic of Tibet’s former greatness and power. At such a high altitude, it appears though it had to have been constructed by angels. Also built in the the 17th century, it took over 7000 workers and 1,500 artisans to construct this architectural wonder, certainly adds to its mystery. Another reason this is such an enigma is because it is so much different than other culture’s palaces. Rising 13 stories high, it features exactly 999 rooms and was once the center of Tibets government, the residence of the Dalai Lama, a monastery and a mausoleum for Tibet’s previous Dalai Lamas. Now it’s simply a museum that China uses to attract tourists. Tibetans seeking independence, often hold protests in front of this spiritually and historically important monument.


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