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5 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV!

By: Top 5s SupremePublished: 5 months ago

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5 Most Embarassing Moments Caught on Live TV!


When we normally watch the television and something unexpected ocurres, the first thing we do is laugh our butts off. As long as its not anuthing serious. I can assure you that the poeple that were going to see ,will never forget that day. If we were to live these moments,We prefer to be on private . Or at least between family and friends. But those are the causes of working on tv. Here you have 5 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV! Lets Roll


When I first saw this video, the truth is that it made me laug, Its just surprising the effort the woman puts after falling. I know its not right to laught at other, but in this case i couldnt resist. Imagine the shame and of course the pain that this woman has gone through that day at work. This moment will never be forgotten and it will be remembered as the woman who disappears out of nowhere .. Lets take a look!


This video is a clear example of what we shouldnt do on live tv. For our own safety, and also to not make it the most embarrasing day ever. This young reporter wasnt too smart, when he decides to stand in front of two people who are speeding down a mountain. Luckily for him hes alright, although his body flipping in mid air will always be remembered! I have to say that he was professional and it didnt affect the news. Heres the video!


There are people that does ridiculous things on live TV. The woman we are going to see on the next video, was very risky when she tried such thing on television. When someone falls in a bad way while live, they try to pretend it doestnt hurt, even if it was a very bad hit.. But this woman couldnt resist it. Just seeing the look on her face, Im sure that she had to put some ice on her head..Cause that was unexpected and painful..Lets take a look at the moment.


When you work on live television, one of the most important things is your physical aperience. This lady who seems to take great care of her looks, lived one of her most embarrassing moments in her job. When you least expect it, you can even loose a tooth. and my question is ---is there anything more embarrassing? She tries to act normally but I'm sorry to say that everything is filmed! Here it is!


Nowadays, we have the possibility to see the unexpected things that reporters expierence. this lady ,who was interviewing someone on a boat, seems to have everything under control. If it wasnt the most embarrassing day of her life, i can tell you it was def the most refreshing. Thank god she knows how to swim. I dont wanna say anything else Here you have the video!

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