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Buraayi Wo Hi Karte Hain Jo Barabari Nahi Kar Sakte

By: SHIFUJI'S MISSION PRAHARPublished: 2 months ago

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Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj simply explains the importance of duties of every individual towards nation building.

He also suggests the easiest way to contribute to make a better BHARAT Rashtra.

Master shifuji explains the importance of old age people in our lives and the teachings to respect farmers, women & soldiers.
Sashakt Hi Surakshit
The target is to Train minimum 1 Crore women in Survival Tactics ,Protection skills with the help of available accessories.

VANDE MATRAM Till Grandmaster roars aloud in the upcoming video.

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GrandMaster Shifuji Shaurya /
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World's Best Commando Mentor
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"To empower Indian Women Community as self actualized, Vibrant, excellent in self defense, holistic with a sense of paramount pride & glory towards nation thereby contributing to the consistent growth of Bharat" We Need to Produce The Inner Feeling & the Natural Self of Each Paramount Pride.. & Consistent Growth of Bharat".


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