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STRANGEST Things Found in Swamps

By: American EyePublished: 6 months ago

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From weird antique abandoned cars to mysterious endangered wildcat species, here are the STRANGEST Things Found in Swamps.

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4. Abandoned Automobile
Since vegetation grows so quickly in swampy areas, when something gets abandoned, it’s normally consumed entirely by the vegetation around it. When people go hiking through the thick fauna of swamp lands, they might come across something like this. This photo was captioned as an abandoned jeep that someone found in the woods when they were hiking through their dad’s property. It certainly appears to have been there for quite some time and we’re guessing a jeep from the early 1940’s but it’s hard to tell exactly where it came from because of the angle it was taken. Do you think there’s anyway it still runs? It’s unbelievable how people can place things in swampy areas that seem this remote. Some believe it was place there by the previous owner of the house and after he passed away, the trees simply grew

3. Swamp Gas Explosions
This might sound similar to something that happens after a dinner at taco bell but spontaneous swamp gas explosions are real and you need to watch out! This is what cased the Grand Riviera Princess Hotel Explosion in 2010. This took place near the city Cancun and many were unsure what had caused it right away. Some had originally believed it was terrorism because western tourists made up most of the casualties but the only culprit here was the sneaky swamp gas. Since things tend to rot much quicker in swamps, it creates larger amounts of methane as well as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. In certain cases when heat, fuel and oxygen get added to the mix, it can cause spontaneous natural explosions. Although carbon dioxide gets a bad rap for being a greenhouse gas, methane is much worse and much more flammable. It’s turns out to be a byproduct of anaerobic bacterial decomposition of vegetation underwater. So keep in mind that swamps are not only loaded with bacteria but also explosive gas!

2. Zombie Virus?
So still skeptical about the zombie apocalypse are you? Swamps are a breeding ground for all kinds of parasites, microorganisms and fungi and it’s very possible that one day, it will become the breeding ground for the zombie apocalypse pathogen! The high water temperatures and stagnancy make for the perfect area for a rare amoeba called, Naegleria fowleri. Stuff like this is the reason why they add chlorine to pools. This is also known as the “brain-eating amoeba”. First it travels through your nose and then it makes it’s way into your brain which can then become fatal. A real case, in a young girl from Arkansas, Kali Hardig, who swam in swampy water in 2016, started becoming mysteriously tired all the time. Luckily she survived the brain eating parasite but she was one of the very few lucky survivors Only 3 people have survived this frightening infection, and there’s less than a 1 percent chance of making it out alive. The first symptoms include the lost of smell and taste while the ameba is eating your brain, literally! Then it starts eating the part that protects the central nervous. This sends white blood cells rushing to brain, causing swelling, vomiting, and stiff limbs. It keeps getting worse though. Once it attacks the frontal lobes the victim starts to hallucinate and are in a state of delirium. Finally it’ll reach the brainstem where all they’ll die from respiratory failure in less than about 2 weeks. Although it’s quite rare, it still seems to affect at least 20 people in the southwestern united states, so watch out!

Swamp Monsters?
Legends of swamp monsters existing in the Louisiana bayou have circulated since the French settled this reason back in the 1600’s and from native american tribes as well. The cajun people know it as the Rougaroux. This creature is said a werewolf that inhabits the swampy lands around the southern area of Louisiana. It’s been passed down quite often as a vocal legend so it’s a little difficult to know exactly what the original siting was. Some claim that it’s a human like creature with the head of a wolf while others believe that it’s a blood sucking vampire type creature that’s created under the spell of voodoo. The story has possibly evolved to keep children of the bayou in check and to keep them from going out at night. Whatever the case maybe, there’s still a ton a large alligators, explosive panthers, and brain eating ameabas out there that could get them if the swamp monster doesn’t.


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