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MOST Bizarre Beach Finds

By: TalltanicPublished: 7 months ago

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With so much of the planet covered with water, it’s hard to imagine just HOW many things can be in those large oceans. Some people speculate that a total of sixteen million human bodies could be laying on the seafloor. But what about the random objects that humans use? From cars to a giant eyeball to see what’s been found.

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7.Valuable Sneakers
It’s not uncommon to find someone’s shoe on the beach, even if it’s a Nike sneaker. But a collection of special Nikes has helped oceanographers determine ocean currents. They were thrown overboard during a tumultuous sea storm in 1990, and much like the legos we mentioned earlier, have been prized beach finds ever since. The come with the code 90 04 06, so if you chappen to find one, just know you’re touching history!

6.Shore Snacks

The ample of amount of Doritos bags pictured here look like the messy result of a crazy beach grill out bash, but that’s not why they were found on the shores of a beach in North Carolina. Another cargo ship incident resulted in a raining of Doritos bags in 2006, much to the people’s surprise. Surprisingly, the bags were still in their airtight packaging, so a few seagulls and even people were filled to the gills with cheesy, corny chippy goodness.

5.Menacing Montauk Monster

We reported on this a few weeks ago in our “Insane Internet Rumors” video, but if you missed it, we can’t wait to tell you about the Montauk Monster scandal. The 2008 online rumor that some type of weird monster carcass had washed ashore in Montauk, New York has been surrounded mostly by the question “but, why?”. The photo was taken by Jenna Hewitt and published in a local publication The Independent, and sparked multiple rumors about where the animal must have originated from, and what type of animal it even was. The photo was passed around to notoriously prank websites like Gawker and Jezebel, so it was hard to truly believe in it’s legitimacy. However, this case still hasn’t been solved.

4.A Favorite Friend

We’re so jealous that this woman is hanging out with THE one and only E.T, and we hope they’re enjoying bags of delicious Reese's Pieces.UK’s Daily Mail posted a charming story in 2012 about a woman and her reunion with a beloved famous friend. This E.T. replica was stolen from the home of Margaret Wells, along with other valued items. While we’re not sure about the jewelry, we are happy to see that the replica was returned after washing up on a shore five miles away. “E.T. float home!”

3. Sea Station Wagon

The only thing more shocking than seeing this car appear on the sandy shores of a California beach called Morro Bay,CA is how well the gorgeous blue pigment in the leather seats has held up. If you can’t tell from the seaweed that’s covering it, this is a 1960’s Pontiac Station Wagon. It was abandoned in 1973 on the beach.

2.Landfill To Beauty-filled

California’s vast coast provides many an opportunity to enjoy a unique beach landscape. These gorgeous, multicolored glass rocks at Fort Bragg, CA appear to be naturally made, but they have some history behind them. The self proclaimed “glass beach” at Fort Bragg used to once be a site for a landfill before 1967. The ocean washed away much of the trash, but some glass bottle and pieces remained. Over time, they have been smoothed over by the repetitive waves , smoothing over to give the pebble appearance. Guests of the beach are not allowed to take the treasure pebbles, because they are protected by the California State Parks. But searching through the colorful stones to see what all you can discover is.

Don’t start collecting your beach gear and metal detector just yet, because we have one more beach find to tell you about. But first, here are some comments from today. Thanks guys!

1.Grandaddy Of Them All

This might not necessarily be the most bizarre thing that’s washed up on a beach but it’s most DEFINITELY the most insane situation. In 2015, a vacationing family in Wales, England discovered an enticing metal object buried in the sand. They knew it had to have been from another time period, and pretty old, because it was mostly covered in barnacles. They hung around it and took photos in front of it all day long, thinking the object to be a buoy. In an insane twist of fate, the mistaken “buoy” was actually an unused device from WWII. What! Luckily, no one was in the vicinity when the object was safely detonated by the Royal Navy just a few days later. We’re glad everyone is okay.


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