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LEGO PORSCHE -VS- 120KM/H ROCKET SLED (Recreating the Mythbusters vanishing car episode)

By: David WindestalPublished: 3 months ago

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Henrik, David and Sylvia try to recreate the epic Mythbusters episodes “Compact compact” where Adam and Jamie tries to make a car disappear between two trucks going at highway speed. That doesn’t work so they try to recreate the results by accelerating a steel plate to the speed of sound on a rocket sled. This results in one of the best slowmotions of all time.
We really want to recreate this by using our own small scale rocket sled and a Lego Technic Porsche 911 gt3. So many things can go wrong but the results are amazing.

Watch how the rocket was made:

Watch our previous attempt at recreating the mythbusters rocket car:

Music used in this episode:
Bach: Air on the G String - From

Greig Peer Gynt Morning - From

Delicate Space by Neilcross - From

Ducktales The Amazon Session OC ReMix by Gux
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