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11 Creepiest Places in Germany

By: American EyePublished: 8 months ago

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From scary abandoned buildings, to the mysterious Temple of DOOM, these are 11 CREEPIEST Places in Germany !

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11. Abandoned Hospital

10. Abandoned Ski Resort

9. Michaelskapelle Ossuary

8. Frankenstein’s Castle

7. Glienicke Bridge

6. The Black Forest
Or in German known as Schwarzwald. The black forest is a heavily wooded region in Germany that borders with France. It’s known for it’s beautiful green forests but at times, stories about this place can get downright creepy. This is where the legend of the werewolfs originates and maybe there really is some kind of mysterious creature, lurking around out there. It’s a great place to explore some of Germany’s most secluded monasteries, castles and other ruins from the middle ages. It’s been referred to as the land of fairy tales and is the known setting for Hansel and Gretel. In case you need a reminder, this is where 2 young siblings are kidnapped by a cannibalistic witch who lives deep in the forest. But if it makes you feel any better, it’s also the forest where rapunzel and sleeping beauty take place. Many remarkable things here are waiting to be discovered, but are willing to take the risk?

5. Hexentanzplatz
Any place that translates to, “the witches dancefloor”, is creepy enough to make our list! You also don’t want to come here if you’re scared of heights! This one is located in Saxony-Anhalt and has been reputed as a sight for practicing witches for saxon tribes. It’s believed that when invading christian armies came to this land 1500 years ago, they encountered witches and practices of black magic. They were most likely some kind of cult worshipping a forest and mountain god called Hagedissen. Some even believe that there were sightings of people flying brooms at this site and this is where the original witches are from. Either way, if the history of witchcraft in this isn’t enough to creepy you out, these statues probably can! Or maybe even the gondola lift to the top of the cliffside will do it for you! Maybe from the top you
can spot out where the witches are!

4. Reichstag
It’s said by many that the former parliament building known as the Reichstag is home to many ghosts of German politics and they still roam around inside here. The Reichstag in Berlin is a beautiful yet horrifying place at the same time. This was built in 1871 during the Unification of Germany. In 1933, the Reichstag caught on fire mysteriously and the rising Nazi party at the time used it to their advantage, blaming it on the communists. Some claim this was caused by the Nazis themselves to gain support and the fire was a turning point in Fascist politics in Germany. Many will still find bullet holes and graffiti left from Soviet soldiers during the fall of Berlin in May 1945, like we see in this photo and the famous building was nearly destroyed. It was left in horrific condition at the end of the battle and then it was left in a disputed area, right next to the Berlin Wall on the western side. The building has seen a fair share of bloodshed and to this day, it signifies Germany’s troubled past.

3. Furstenfeld Abby
This creepy abby seems like a normal place in Bavaria from the outside. This 700 year old church is situated near Munich and it holds two skeletons of Christian martyrs inside, and they’re fully blinged out to the max. This one here is considered to be Saint Hyacinth and is covered in jewel and gold encrusted plating. Despite it being close to a big touristic city of Munich, it’s not too well known by tourists. According to legend, he apparently went on a hunger strike after refusing to worship a Roman god. He was later tortured and died at the age of 12 in 108 AD. Guards who were watching him, became believers of Christianity after they saw him be accompanied by angels as he passed away.

2. Eagle’s Nest
Also known as the Kehlsteinhaus in German, the Eagle’s Nest was one of Hitler’s favorite mountaintop retreats located in the Bavarian Alps. There has been much footage of him enjoying time her with his wife, Eva Braun at the peak of his reign. This was designed a 50th birthday present and getting there requires going up steep roads and tunnels. The US allies were eager to reach this place due to its symbolic power. Today, it’s turned into a restaurant and beer hall, but many claim to feel a sense of unease and distress when coming here. Whether it’s from the high elevation or just knowing hitler was here, many will claim there’s just something not quite right about this opulent mansion.


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