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16 Craziest Things About Russia !

By: American EyePublished: 2 months ago

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From beer not being considered alchohol, to things you didn't know about Russia, here are the 16 Craziest Things About Russia

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6 - No Fun
In the Russian language, there is no actual word which translates directly into the English word, fun. Try explaining to a Russian the definition of the word fun and you may find yourself tied up for a while. There is a Russian word for merriment and joy as well as a verb form of joy, but those aren't quite the same things are they? In fact there are quite a few very similar words, including funny, but nothing which expresses the simple idea of fun. To say you are having fun you must string together a whole sentence or paragraph. I guess in Mother Russia, literally no one, has fun.

5 - Worst Winters Ever
The bad weather which plagues Russia's winter months is legendary and has led to many battles being won, by overzealous tyrants attempting to invade Mother Russia, during those carnivorously frozen times of the year. The months of cold usually start around September and don't relent until the end of March. Temperatures drop too far below zero and remain there, sometimes for weeks or even months on end. Snowfall is typically ridiculously plentiful. Check out this car which has gotten the Royal Russian snow treatment, having to shovel out that vehicle is going to take some time and maybe some assistance in the form of a sledgehammer or flamethrower. The clouds in the sky are in a constant winter state of turmoil, leaving the sun to vanish from sight, sometimes for months at a time.

4 - Russia Hates Emo Music
In 2008, the Russian government attempted to pass legislation which would have made EMO, or emotional rock music, illegal. The insidious music, websites which promote the angsty tunes and the dark and dreary style of dress which are all associated with EMO, have been banned in Russian schools and government buildings. The vote to eliminate the threat of EMO music from Russia completely nearly passed, but despite many hating the musical stylings has managed to remain, upsetting many who feel the rock music glorifies antisocial behavior.

3 - Massive McDonald's
Russians apparently are quite taken with the American fast food chain which we call McDonalds, they call it that too, but with an accent. So much so in fact that inside Russia resides the world's biggest golden arches on the planet. That's right, the most gigantic, enormous, super big, of all McDonald's restaurants, which houses 700 seats, can be found in Russia. Also, Russia is the only place on the entire planet where you can purchase a tasty treat called the McShrimp. Next time you find yourself in Moscow, sample the bizarre foodie shrimp like confection for yourself, if you dare.

2 - Putin Pops
Patriotism has always been very important to those who dwell inside the land known the world over as Mother Russia. In times of war, these citizens did everything and anything they felt they had to do to secure their borders. In current times, patriotic merchandise has taken has become a popular method for expressing national love. Stands and store shelves are packed with proud t-shirts, inspirational mugs, pride driven calendars most of which are adorned with the image of their leader. And now, a candy brand called Splitting image has introduced a new line of lollipops shaped as world leaders, starting with the one, the only, Putin. The taste the power line of sugary treats comes in Putin Pops, Obama Lollies and even Queen Elizabeth sticks.

1 - Cartoon Cult
Do you remember that cartoon Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers? If not, you may want to dig out some old VHS tapes or stream the cartoon via the interwebs. Turns out there's a cult in Russia, who claims this iconic female mechanic cartoon mouse, is actually a divine being. This religious worship of all things Gadget Hackwrench involves praying to posters of her, gathering for meals to comment on how great, wonderful and wise she is, compose songs to her and so on. Rumour has it, these dedicated cult members will spread stickers of the famed female genius mouse, to help gather new members for their faith.


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