They Don`t Give a Damn: B-towners opposite desi awards events?

They Don`t Give a Damn: B-towners opposite desi awards events?


They Don`t Give a Damn: B-towners opposite desi awards events?

Bollywood stars seem to be holding an open position opposite awards functions

Bollywood has some-more than a share of awards functions though utterly a few Bollywood stars seem to have motionless to pronounce plainly opposite them.

A famous example, of course, is actor Aamir Khan, who has plainly oral about not being smitten by awards shows. The final awards uncover he attended was in 1996 when he was nominated in a Best Actor difficulty for Rangeela (1995), usually to remove a endowment to Shah Rukh Khan for Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995).

But ironically, a actor has lent his support to a National Awards and Hollywood’s Academy Awards.

Upset over her film not bagging a nomination, Sonakshi Sinha recently vented her annoy on amicable media

Apart from him, scores of other actors are pronounced to trust that awards functions are a fraudulent affair. This list includes a likes of Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha; and a latest entrant is singer Kangana Ranaut. At a press discussion hold on Thursday evening, a singer said, `These days, there are so many awards functions duty and attending a same means spending time and income on makeup and styling. All this creates it an costly affair. we am not observant that these awards are not genuine, though there are so many now that it seems like we are giving them divided only to make everybody happy.`

Aamir Khan (left) is famous to not attend Bollywood awards functions, while Salman Khan (right) believes that mass interest trumps awards

It might be forked out that Salman has always elite mass acclamation to vicious recognition. He is famous to have pronounced that his fans fondness his work and thronging cinema halls to watch his films is a large adequate endowment for him. At a new event, he said, `I am happy with a rewards entrance my way. People like my work and me. This helps my films make income and we am some-more than happy with it. we am fine if we don’t get any awards.`

Emraan Hashmi positively agrees with this sentiment. The actor, famous as Bollywood’s sequence kisser, forked out during a open appearance, that he might not be a heavenly of endowment ceremonies, though he’s ‘the people’s champion’. `I’d rather be announced a leader by a nation, than a jury of a dozen peculiar people. At a finish of a day, it’s a assembly that creates a film popular; endowment functions only wish to float on that call of fame. If we had to collect between a billion people and a few jury members, I’d select a former on any given day,` he said.

Ajay Devgn has not attended an awards do in a past 15 years

Actor Ajay Devgn, who has starred in many money-spinners, believes that all endowment functions are rigged. `You know how a business operates; it’s a money-making thing. They have to sell a eventuality to a TV channel earnest them that large names will spin adult during a function. So whoever agrees to attend and perform during an awards do, ends adult bagging an award. we haven’t been to an endowment duty in 15 years,` he pronounced during a new event.

Sonakshi Sinha too voiced her beating over one of her films not being nominated during a new awards function. She vented her annoy by twitter.

This begs a question: are these comments done due to genuine displeasure or is it only a box of green grapes?
Now that’s adult to we to decide.

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