The Game of Gimmicks: A story of Sunny`s mislaid lingerie?

The Game of Gimmicks: A story of Sunny`s mislaid lingerie?


The Game of Gimmicks: A story of Sunny`s mislaid lingerie?

If new incidents in a attention are anything to go by, broadside stunts have strike a new low. The latest news has it that Sunny Leone’s ‘expensive, top-of-the-line lingerie’ went blank from a sets of her arriving film, ‘Ragini MMS-2

The source says that after some scenes of Sunny wearing grey phony slip were shot, a organisation was horrified to see a same blank from a sets. `Sunny is intensely sold about her slip and likes to wearing a best brands. Accordingly, slip from Victoria’s Secret -costing approximately Rs 50,000 – was systematic online,` says a source, adding that when a same was stolen from a sets, a producers had to sequence a same product again.

The source says that they also had to cough adult a reward in sequence to promote early shipping. `Security on a sets has now been beefed adult as good in a bid to forestall such surprising thefts,` says a source.

Interestingly, this is not a initial time a prolongation residence has faced such a problem. A identical occurrence took place final year on a sets of a film, ‘Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum’, when Sarah Jane Dias was sharpened her scenes in Goa. It seems that a actress, who was carrying her possess engineer lingerie, unnoticed a same while travelling from one plcae to another.

When contacted, Tanuj Garg, CEO of a prolongation house, didn’t exhibit most about a burglary on a sets of Sunny’s film. `My prolongation sensitive me of some such occurrence and additional precautions were taken,` was his reply. Upon being asked about Sarah’s identical detriment final year, Garg said, `Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s a coincidence.`

If this is not a broadside gimmick, afterwards a association has to hunt down that someone with a illusion amidst a section members.

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