Salman hit-and-run case: Prosecution questions driver`s claim

Salman hit-and-run case: Prosecution questions driver`s claim


The charge in a Salman Khan hit-and-run box done a romantic counterclaim to a justice on Wednesday to reject a explain by a Bollywood actor’s motorist Ashok Singh that he was pushing a torpedo automobile during a 2002 collision in that a cement dweller was killed.

Rejecting and disbelieving Salman’s acquiescence that he was not pushing a vehicle, and a successive acknowledgment by his driver, open prosecutor Pradeep Gharat questioned a participation of a fourth chairman in a car.

In a past 13 years, a participation of usually 3 people was famous — Salman, his crony and thespian Kamaal Khan, and military bodyguard, late Ravindra Patil, a open prosecutor said.

“He (Ashok Singh) appears to have been brought in now,” Gharat told Additional Sessions Judge D.W. Deshpande, during a resumption of a final arguments in a Sep 28, 2002 collision box that left one cement dweller passed and 4 others injured.

He forked out that Salman suggested a sum usually when a actor’s matter was being available underneath territory 313 of a Code of Criminal Procedure.

“You never ever mentioned about a fourth person. Can this square of justification be accepted,” Gharat asked counterclaim counsel Shrikant Shivade.

None of a witnesses examined in a justice had given this idea or confronted with a new square of justification claimed by Salman, a prosecutor said.

Even after recording a statement, when a justice asked Salman either he wanted to inspect himself, he had replied in a disastrous as he would have been unprotected in a cross-examination, Gharat continued.

He pronounced that given a commencement of a trial, Salman had supposed that a automobile was owned by him, it was determined by a support and valid it was in his possession during a applicable time.

But even during that stage, he did not divulge that motorist Ashok Singh was pushing it during a time of a accident, Gharat told a court.

Moreover, doubt Ashok Singh’s matter in that he spoke of a detonate tyre and losing control of a vehicle, Gharat argued that a Toyoto Land Cruiser was a sophisticated, complicated automobile that would have given indications of any problems to a driver.

Accordingly, a prosecutor contended that it was formidable to trust a driver’s chronicle on a accident.

In a vital growth in a trial, motorist Ashok Singh progressing told Sessions Judge D.W. Deshpande that he was during a circle of a SUV that was not speeding when a tyre burst, though a automobile dragged to a left and he mislaid control.

Although he attempted tough to request a brakes, a automobile had already climbed a stairs of a American Express Bakery, ensuing in a accident.

The arguments will now resume on Apr 6.

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