Salman Hit And Run Case: Eye-Witness Offered Rs 5 Lakh To Turn...

Salman Hit And Run Case: Eye-Witness Offered Rs 5 Lakh To Turn Hostile


Salman Hit And Run Case: Eye-Witness Offered Rs 5 Lakh To Turn Hostile

In another growth in a Salman Khan 2002 hit-and-run case, a primary declare has purported that his former disciple charity him Rs 5 lakh to change his statement.

Muslim Niyamat Sheikh (26) was one of a 4 people harmed when a actor’s Toyota Land Cruiser rammed into a American Express Bakery on Bandra’s Hill Road. One chairman was killed in a occurrence that occurred on Sep 28, 2002.

Salman Khan arrives during a Sessions justice for a conference in a hit-and-run box yesterday.

In an confirmation filed with a justice yesterday, Sheikh has purported that his former lawyer, Mukesh Pandey, attempted to change him to change his matter by charity him a bribe.

The purported review between Muslim Sheikh and a disciple in that a declare is charity Rs 5 lakh to spin hostile

Pandey is pronounced to have been instrumental in assisting a victims, including Sheikh, to get compensation. He also reportedly helped them open bank accounts and stood guarantor for them. As per a confirmation filed in a court, Sheikh perceived dual phone calls from a same series on Sunday during around 9.30 pm (see conversation).

In a initial call, a male told him: `Paanch lakh le lo aur palat jao` (take R5 lakh and change your statement). When Sheikh refused a offer, a male called him again. This time, a declare divided a call. The subsequent day i.e. Monday, Sheikh approached a Bandra military and submitted a created complaint, seeking a examine into a matter.

Investigations by cops suggested that a SIM label from that a call was made, was purebred in a name of Pandey, a High Court lawyer. Police pronounced that a same dusk around 6 pm they traced Pandey’s address, though he was not accessible during home. A tiny child who perceived a military group during his chateau gave them a advocate’s card. The military subsequently left.


Senior military examiner Ramchandra Dhawale of Bandra military hire said, `We have perceived an sequence from a justice to examine a matter. We will designate an inspector-level officer in a case, who will scrupulously demeanour into a matter and contention a news in a subsequent hearing. The justice will confirm if an FIR is to be lodged.`

Police pronounced that compartment date, there is no discuss or claim opposite Salman Khan. Khan had progressing been requisitioned for unreasonable and inattentive pushing and other charges. The justice is conducting a re-trial of a case, after charges of culpable carnage not amounting to murder were combined recently. The corruption attracts a ten-year sentence.

Three witnesses brand Salman Khan

Three witnesses in a 2002 hit-and-run box identified Salman Khan yesterday in a sessions court, observant they had seen him removing down from a automobile that had met with an collision in suburban Bandra on Sep 28, 2002.

The witnesses Manu Khan, Mohammed Kalim Iqbal Pathan and Muslim Sheikh were among a harmed who were run over by a automobile when they were sleeping on a pavement nearby American Express Bakery on that day. All 3 were workers of a bakery.

The charge has purported a actor was pushing a automobile underneath a change of liquor. So far, 4 witnesses have deposed in a re-trial; another 3 shall be examined on May 19. All a witnesses told Judge D W Deshpande that they saw a actor removing down from a car.

He was hold by a people who were cheering `neechey utro` (get down). Salman was hold by a people though another person, who also got down from a vehicle, pronounced he was a policeman and hence they expelled a actor who ran divided from a spot, they said.

The other side

Advocate Mukesh Pandey said, `The military are personification games with me. we have not done any such calls. Also, we have no connectors with Salman’s family. In fact, we had helped a cops snippet a declare in a new case. we gave an talk that all a witnesses are benefaction in a justice and a Bandra military is reluctant to snippet them.`

Salman Khan looking for boundless intervention?
Actor Salman Khan who was during a Sessions Court for a conference of a 2002 hit-and-run box was apparently praying during his hearing. Read more

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