Reality Check: Are these Bollywood stars bigoted or only forgetful?

Reality Check: Are these Bollywood stars bigoted or only forgetful?


Reality Check: Are these Bollywood stars bigoted or usually forgetful?

Several Bollywood stars have sworn their devotion to a improved society. However, when it gets down to coronet tacks, not all of them rehearse what they preach…

Bollywood actors and actresses are famous to change a masses and given a lift they strive on cinemagoers, it is small consternation that they take their open picture seriously. Many of them have been plainly understanding of open causes; several have left out of their approach to widespread recognition about amicable evils.

But do they rehearse what they preach? Many heading names have left off a lane they advocated in a initial place. We indicate out instances where celebs seem to have reneged on their stand…

Aamir Khan

What he said: In his TV uncover Satyamev Jayate, Aamir is outspoken about his antithesis to amicable evils – be it rape, H2O nonesuch or reserve of comparison citizens. In fact, he dedicated one whole part to problems faced by comparison citizens; here he dwelt on their exploitation not usually by outsiders though also by their family members.

What he did: In sheer contrariety to his picture is a new news about how he has apparently been forcing comparison citizen residents in his multitude to sell him their apartments. These residents have now purported that a society’s handling cabinet has been favoring a actor. They have allegedly settled that a actor is not a developer and does not have a right to force them out of a building.

Salman Khan

What he said: At first, he conspicuous that he is not meddlesome in politics and he doesn’t like his film Jai Ho being related to Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) quarrel conflicting corruption. He a announced that he would opinion for dual Congress candidates. `In my subdivision (Bandra), it’s Baba Siddiqui and Priya Dutt,` he said.

What he did: On a debate to foster his film Jai Ho in Gujarat during Makar Sankranti, he praised Modi. He went on to say, `Modi saab should be means to perform his destiny. He is a good man; we have not seen this arrange of growth elsewhere and electorate contingency confirm who is many suitable. So if we consider Modi saab is best for you, opinion for him.` He combined that Modi doesn’t need to apologize for a Godhra riots given a justice has already conspicuous him not guilty.


What he said: During his reign as Member of Parliament, a actor, representing Congress, had betrothed to urge railway ride in Mumbai, quite a Western Railway widen from Borivali to Virar. The ‘Virar ka chokra’ afterwards admitted that he had worked tirelessly to boost a magnitude of trains. After a Jul 26 flooding in Mumbai, he even announced that his efforts had helped a city get a Rs 150 crore service account from a executive government.

What he did: Govinda’s claims were negated by associate celebration members. In fact, they conspicuous that he did not attend many sessions and didn’t do most to minister towards his constituency’s welfare.

Hema Malini

What she said: In a light of an augmenting series of rape cases final year, Hema Malini was asked about reserve of women in a country. At that time, a singer said, `Don’t take it so easy and go anywhere we want… anything can happen. You can get held and nobody is going to come to strengthen you. Krishna had stable Draupadi, though we aren’t so spiritually-evolved that God will come and strengthen us.`

What she did: After removing an choosing sheet from Mathura for a Lok Sabha seat, a Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) claimant is now earnest to clean out crime and concentration on women’s safety.

Shatrughan Sinha

What he said: Although a actor has been with a BJP for scarcely decade now, final year saw Sinha support opposition celebration (Janata Dal United) politician Nitish Kumar as a Prime Ministerial candidate. `There is no doubt that Nitish Kumar is PM material. But this is a parties’, allies’ and a people’s decision. If they desire, Nitish can really turn a PM. If he doesn’t, it’s doesn’t meant that Nitish Kumar is not capable,` he had said.

What he did: Now that he is contesting elections from Patna representing a BJP, he seems to have altered his stand. `Now onwards my aim, like Arjuna who focusses usually on a eyes of a relocating fish, is to make movement favourite (Narendra Modi) a Prime Minister of a country,` he says.

Gul Panag

What she said: The singer had progressing shown her support for Narendra Modi on a amicable networking website. She had tweeted, `When it is between a glow a frying vessel – when you’ve been roasted prolonged adequate in a former – competence as good try a latter?? No? #NaMo4PM. (sic)`

What she did: The singer has now assimilated AAP and is contesting conflicting Kirron Kher in Chandigarh. Explaining her decision, Gul says, `That was when there was no AAP around. You demeanour for no choice and find a one-eyed in a land of a blind. It is not a choice. Narendra Modi for PM was something that came from abdication and a clarity of fait accompli.`

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