OMG! After turn in strike and run case, Kat dumps Ranbir to...

OMG! After turn in strike and run case, Kat dumps Ranbir to marry Salman


It looks like finally mom destiny has motionless to concede Salman to lay in a lap. Just a few days behind it was astonishing turn in a barbarous strike and run box that brought some whine of service for Sallu Miyaan, and now it’s lapse of his lady love, Kat, in his life.

If new hum is to be believed, afterwards it suggests that this spectacle has taken place in arise of Salman’s driver’s admission about barbarous strike and run case, that dates behind to 2002. Hearsay even advise that, as shortly as a reports about Salman’s entrance out purify in strike and run box surfaced, Kat too motionless to rekindle a abandon with her ex lover and dump her benefaction suitor and boyfriend, Ranbir.

Chirps of one of a khabroo birdie also advise that, after witnessing a shun of Salman from this argumentative quagmire, Kat has even motionless to leave a accommodation that she shares with, Ranbir in sequence to pierce in with Salman. And with these developments holding place in braid town, there are plenty chances that in a nearby destiny we might get a possibility to see Salman and Kat removing hitched.

Though some of we might feel contemptible for, Ranbir, though during a same time there are plenty chances that many of we will be happy to see Katrina re-uniting with Sallu Bhaai. But after saying these new happenings holding place in braid city all we can contend is that, `everything is satisfactory in adore and war.

Disclaimer: At final though not a slightest one of a many value mentioning explanation regarding to this strange growth is that this whole chronicle of distortion was weaved in arise of Apr 1st a All Fools’ day and it has zero to do with facts. So wish we a really happy All Fools ‘ Day guys and let’s wish that let Salman, Kat and Ranbir sojourn happy a approach they are.

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