Lovebirds Caught Coochie Cooing! Ranveer thrashed lensman

Lovebirds Caught Coochie Cooing! Ranveer thrashed lensman


Lovebirds Caught Coochie Cooing! Ranveer thrashed lensman

Ranveer Singh allegedly kick adult a lensman during Ahana Deol’s party
If sources are to be believed, Ahana Deol’s marriage after-party witnessed some-more than a share of movement on Sunday night. A source says that when a photographer prisoner an insinuate impulse between lovebirds Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, a latter mislaid his cool.

`Both Deepika and Ranveer were in high spirits and were walking about with their hands clasped together. A photographer afterwards clicked photographs of a dual of them and this dissapoint Ranveer,` says a source.

Those benefaction during a celebration contend that a actor trailed Deepika wherever she went. The source adds, `They were enjoying any other’s association though as shortly as Ranveer saw a photographer click their pictures, he chased after him and manhandled him. He afterwards took his camera and deleted a cinema before returning a camera to him. Soon after, a integrate left a party.`

The actor’s orator denies that Ranveer manhandled a photographer. The orator says, `At a aforementioned private function, a chairman in doubt was secretly clicking cinema of Ranveer from behind a DJ console but his consent. After vouchsafing this pass for a extremely prolonged time, Ranveer started feeling worried since of this man’s determined and uncalled-for intrusion. He afterwards went adult to a male and requested him to undo a pictures. At no indicate did he attack a person, that is a extreme deceit of a incident.`

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