Johnny Depp is scarfy on the Late Show: do you still love...

Johnny Depp is scarfy on the Late Show: do you still love Johnny?


Johnny Depp is scarfy on the Late Show: do you still love Johnny?

Johnny Depp was on the Late Show last night and I would have done this post sooner, but I decided to watch Hugh Jackman’s appearance from Wednesday night first and I got distracted imagining what I would do to him. (CBS puts the episodes online but it takes forever to watch them as the commercials are excessive.)

I won’t go into the details that are crowding my mind, but Johnny no longer has that immediate effect on me. (That’s not to say I would turn him down! It would be the highlight of my life.) Lately he’s looking more like a parody of his former self. Just check out this goofy long thin scarf he’s paired with pants that are cut up and hanging on the ground. Would it kill him to polish his boots? On the show he wore a ton of stacked necklaces, a shirt hanging off the back of his pants and plenty of rings. Johnny loves his accessories.

Johnny was on the Late Show doing a favor for an old musician friend, Bill Carter, with whom he performed after giving an interview. (Here’s a link to a clip of Johnny and Bill’s interview.) He was also promoting Lone Ranger, but it’s not out until July, damnit. Johnny explained that he’d met Bill and his wife in Atlanta back when he was filming Gilbert Grape (early 90s!) and that he’d actually lived with them for a few months afterwards. It was a really nice story and I was impressed at what a loyal friend he is.

Johnny’s voice was gruffer than usual as he talked about his past as a musician, saying he’d played with a band called “The Kids” and that they’d opened for The Pretenders, Billy Idol and The Ramones. He looked tired and was thinner than we’ve seen him recently.

As for how his film career started, Johnny said that his buddy Nicolas Cage sent him to his agent to read for Nightmare on Elm Street, the first one, and the rest was history. When Letterman complimented him that his movies were huge successes, Johnny quipped “it’s got nothing to do with me I don’t think” I take it back, he’s starting to do it for me again! It just took me a while to warm up to him this time. Johnny, come back to us, we still love you!

There’s a clip of Johnny Depp performing, he plays backup guitar, over at E! Online! Oh and he also told a story about falling off a horse while filming Lone Ranger. You can read that on E! if you’re interested. I think he’s going to work his way back into our good graces, I really do. I can’t stay mad at him even if he does dress like this.

Photo credit: and FameFlynet