John-Priya Wedding Secret: Why a remarkable announcement?

John-Priya Wedding Secret: Why a remarkable announcement?


John-Priya Wedding Secret: Why a remarkable announcement?

While sources contend John Abraham has already been married to Priya, others contend it was a new guileless decision. Some even assume that Priya is in a family way

Like his friend cricketer MS Dhoni whose matrimony came as a shaft from a blue, John Abraham has finished likewise. Early yesterday, he took to a amicable network site, Twitter, to state, `Wishing we and your desired ones a sanctified 2014! May this year move we love, good happening and joy. Love, John and Priya Abraham.`

Signing off as John and Priya Abraham done B-Town go in a tizzy that a star was singular no more.

While John did not exhibit sum about a large spirit he dropped, there has been speculations about what stirred him to unexpected brief a beans after personification protected all this while. Sources state that he was already married in Dec 2011 and felt it’s time to announce it in a New Year. While others say his preference could apparently be given Priya could be in a family way.

John was snapped during Mumbai airfield on Dec 28 enroute to a US where he was to chaperon in a New Year with Priya. Ever given a dual were speckled together in 2011, after his separate with long-time partner Bipasha Basu, there have been murmurs that a star had tied a tangle with Priya. He elite to sojourn rhythmical about his personal life.

Though those in a know claimed that he had met her during a gym that Bipasha and he frequented, John elite to sojourn tightlipped about a lady in his life. Later, however, he suggested a bit about Priya, observant that she was a banker, her folks lived in a US and that he met her by common friends — a lot was still left to conjecture.

In Nov 2011, he had come out in a open to HitList about a special lady in his life. Some sources had afterwards pronounced that John is fiercely rhythmical about Priya given he regretted being open about his progressing adore story with Bipasha. Now that he has announced it, looks like John’s inhibitions are finally down and he is open about usurpation a relationship.

The star is slated to be behind in Mumbai soon.

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