Bollywood`s casting cot sequence exposed: S@x today, film purpose tomorrow

Bollywood`s casting cot sequence exposed: S@x today, film purpose tomorrow


Bollywood`s casting cot sequence exposed: S@x today, film purpose tomorrow

After conference fear stories of struggling actors being exploited by casting agents, we motionless to blow a lid off Bollywood’s worst-kept secret. In a prick operation, Asira Tarannum and Sonali Joshi Pitale accommodate casting agents, usually to find that many of them are usually saved pimps

Bare some strength to land a tasty purpose this surreptitious arrangement between casting agents and determined actors is one of Bollywood’s worst-kept secrets.

Trading of passionate favours by an applicant, apprentice, or subordinate, to a superior, or impending employer, in lapse for entrance into an occupation, or for career advancement, is a ailment extant in any domain. But, there’s a reason a tenure ‘casting couch’ originated in a suit design industry.

Once we had motionless to display a hurtful casting coordinators of B-town, a initial large charge was to find a ones who would buy a story and try to assistance us land that large mangle in Bollywood. The stumbling retard was that many of a agents we called, wanted us to send a photographs, and would afterwards accommodate us if they saw it fit.

It was fatiguing to remonstrate them to get together though a compulsory cinema (‘semi-nude’, as one of a coordinators put it bluntly; another asked for a ‘bikini pic’.). We motionless to play a damsels in trouble and cajoled them to accommodate us to advise a kind of photos that we contingency send out.

This pretence worked, and we got 7 of them to rendezvous. Incidentally, a initial person, Piyush, whom one of a reporters contacted, had a latter’s series stored in his phone, identifying her as a publisher operative with this paper. The perils of technology.

Casting agent: Vijay Rawal

After a review over a phone, Vijay Rawal concluded to accommodate around 3 pm during Bhaidas Hall, Vile Parle. Rawal is deliberate to be a renouned coordinator among determined TV actors.

Vijay Rawal
Soon after one of a reporters entered a auditorium, he hurriedly beckoned her to follow him towards a behind entrance to a stage. In a mezzanine were some immature rooms, and Vijay ushered her into one. The contributor beheld that there were some girls sitting around already. Vijay referred to any of them as ‘baby’.

Minutes later, a contributor was taken to another dull room, and Rawal sat unequivocally tighten to her. The contributor introduced herself as Neha Sharma from Gwalior.

The initial thing that Vijay told her was, `You do know that if we wish to get into acting, we will have to make compromises. If we do that, we will have a splendid future.` Then he went on to warn a contributor to dress in ‘sexy’ clothes, that exhibit her critical stats.
`Your physique is means by God, though we still need to wear voluptuous garments when we come to accommodate me. You have to make income initial before removing into acting,` were his words.

Then he went on to advise a distance of a bra a contributor should be wearing. `Even if we are usually 30 per cent adult to a symbol in auditions, a remaining 70 per cent will be taken caring of, if we compromise. Just widespread your legs and see how things happen,` he preached.

After that Vijay, went on to exaggerate about his friends who like to splurge on women. `Some of them have adequate income to send moody tickets for we to go wherever they are, if we are interested,` he bragged. Then, he pronounced that he wouldn’t mind spending a bit on voluptuous slip for a reporter.

By this time, he had clearly mislaid about a matter of film offers, and was usually concentrating on revelation a contributor how she should be servicing his clients. When a contributor asked about a kind of income one can make by these ‘compromises’, he pronounced it ranged from Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000.

He fast combined that he charges 15 per cent commission, though with her he could make an exception, if she let him ‘enjoy’ her.

When a contributor insisted on information about behaving offers, his interruption shot was, `We get clients regularly, so don’t worry, we will make adequate money. Acting will also occur later.` That night he called adult a contributor and asked her if she was giveaway a subsequent day, as he had already oral to some clients and they wanted to see her pictures.

The contributor met him again a following day during a coffee emporium in Andheri. He told her that he already had clients lined adult for her, and that she should start operative a subsequent day. No films or filmmakers were mentioned.

Casting gent: Mayoor
Mayoor, who is also an partner director, pronounced that he recommends new girls and boys whenever they proceed him for work. The contributor met him during Cafe Coffee Day during Fun Republic around 4:30 pm. When a contributor mentioned her apprehensions, he patiently explained to her, `Don’t be tense.

I am not that form of a person. If we can act, afterwards we don’t have to cruise about it. There are 3 stages of casting: if we come to me, we will advise your name to my friend, who will serve advise your name after an audition. Then, in a second audition, if we know a director, we will push, and tell him that we are suitable for a role. Finally, if a executive is agreeable, he will assistance we transparent a final audition.`

When asked about compromises one should expect, he said, `I am not observant it doesn’t happen. It does, though it totally depends on you. If we are peaceful to do it, afterwards nobody is going to stop you, since we are a mature person. we am nobody to contend that this is right or wrong. we have met girls who were prepared for it, and we told them that they could go brazen and try their luck.

Some of them slept around with directors and got work, though some didn’t. However, we have met some girls who came behind to me, observant a certain chairman was seeking for favours. we told them that we would hoop it, and if a subsequent time they came opposite such a person, afterwards they usually have to contend that Mayoor will let them know, and travel out of a audition. we am here to work and not put my mind into all this. we don’t make any propositions like that.`

Casting agent: Joe
When we called Joe, he came opposite as a professional, and insisted that a contributor send her portfolio cinema before he met her. When a contributor asked if she would have to concede to get roles, he snapped back, saying, `Who told we all this rubbish? Such things don’t happen; it is all nonsense. You usually have to send me photographs, and if we have a requirement, we will let we know.`

Casting agent: Advin Massey

Advin initial called a contributor to his bureau in Lokhandwala, though afterwards after concluded to have a cuppa during a coffee shop. Initially, he was not prepared to accommodate though saying any photographs, though after relented.

Advin Massey
Soon after meeting, Advin told this reporter, `Sab tarah ka kaam hota hai yahaan pe. Send me your cinema first, and afterwards we can take things forward. Also, are we OK with compromising, because, not everywhere, though during some places, we get such queries? So, we need to know.`

When a contributor asked him who were a people who asked for compromises, he said, `I take caring of radio and shoots. So, there are times when partner directors or artistic directors ask this. If we are prepared to nap with them, they competence cruise you. For instance, if 4 girls have auditioned for one role, we will have a top hand, if we compromise, and it helps.`

He showed a contributor photographs of a few girls in bikinis, and said, `Go home, wear a bikini, click a picture, and send it to me. It’s simple, and we have a fire entrance adult on Mar 1. Let me see we do that bikini shoot. Also send me your critical stats,` were his transparent instructions.

Casting agent: Mukesh Thakur
Mukesh sounded well-behaved over a phone and asked a contributor since she wanted to get into acting.

Mukesh Thakur
When a contributor told him that she hadn’t finished any auditions and was usually assembly people, he said, with what seemed like genuine concern, `You seem to be from a good family.

Don’t get mislaid in all this. Trust yourself, and accommodate a right people. Our pursuit is to cast; after what happens between we and a executive or a writer is not a concern.`

Casting agent: Shama Khan
The contributor spoke to her over a phone, and Shama done no skeleton about what she was expecting. `I wish we know how things work in this industry, and we know what we mean, right? we need to give we tips on how to understanding with clients. we will send we to my friends, and we have to take things brazen from there. You know what will make them happy.`

Filmmakers speak

Director Ali Abbas Zafar, who recently destined a Ranveer Singh-Arjun Kapoor starrer Gunday, strongly panned a casting cot phenomenon.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar

`It’s a glamour-driven industry. No matter where we come from, everybody arrives with large dreams to make it here. As a partial of a film fraternity, we reject a whole thought of a casting couch, that is not right, and is about regulating energy in a wrong way.
The many critical indicate is a approach things occur here should be legalised. Even a casting attention needs to go by a legalized process. You never know who comes with what intentions, and somebody can pull we into a corner.
Even for casting, things should be on paper and documented in a correct way. In a country, all per a male-female attribute is underneath wraps. It’s about time we grow over it, and make certain things occur a right way. Any kind of exploitation is wrong.`

Director Sudhir Mishra said, `No good executive will ever expel for a wrong reasons. As a director, my pursuit is to make a film work on screen. Sometimes, genuine relations might occur between dual people.

Director Sudhir Mishra
But, in my case, we am here to tell a story and to expel a right actors. Directors are flattering transparent about a fact that they wish to get a casting right.

All we would advise to actors is that they should work in entertainment and do a lot of brief films. If we know a work, we will be found. Be a small careful, and we will be all right. we don’t know about some untrustworthy things duty somewhere.

That’s a reason we mostly work with womanlike casting directors, and we usually accommodate a new actors during places of work for reading sessions, or on a sets. we can usually attest for good directors, and we are here to do good work.`

Director Sanjay Gupta said, `There are all kinds of people around. It’s adult to a girls and boys to demeanour after themselves. If we are prepared to get into bed with someone, afterwards be certain that we can't get work like that.

Director Sanjay Gupta
People who wish to work with we since of your talent will not take we to bed. we work with people whom we know; we frequency work with new talent.

It is really critical to get a casting right, and of course, there are some people who are here for bu***hit reasons too.`

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