Beaten By A Dame: Sunny sidelined Honey Singh?

Beaten By A Dame: Sunny sidelined Honey Singh?


Beaten By A Dame: Sunny sidelined Honey Singh?

Yo Yo Honey Singh was sidelined as additional confidence had to be called in to hoop a host that came to get a glance of Sunny Leone

Over a past few days, Sunny Leone and rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh have been sharpened for a special strain for a film Ragini MMS 2 in Film City.

While a initial day saw a fire go as per plan, a second day had producers call in additional confidence due to a vast throng that had alive a film set.

A source says, `On initial day, there weren’t too many people on a set that meant that we could conduct a fire easily.

This was not a box on a following day as many people — who now knew about Sunny Leone sharpened here — had collected during a set to get a glance of her.` The source adds that with many youth artistes being featured in a song, it done clarity for a filmmakers to muster some-more security.

To supplement to it, people on a set were asked to switch off their mobiles. `The producers didn’t wish anyone to trickle out images from a shoot. In fact, some actors and organisation members were even dissapoint by this move, though they had to reside by a manners in sequence to safeguard that a fire went off smoothly.`

When contacted, Tanuj Garg, CEO of a prolongation house, reliable a news.

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