Shweta Nanda attends Forevermark event

Shweta Nanda attends Forevermark event


Shweta Nanda was speckled during a Forevermark launch of earrings designed by Manish Malhotra during a Impreial Hotel in a collateral on Thursday.

The dusk saw a launch of a span of gorgeous, spousal candelabrum earrings with fantastic Forevermark Diamonds designed by Manish Malhotra, underneath a imagination of Anmol Jewellers.

Manish Malhotra said, “A guarantee binds low value in my heart. As an Indian engineer it’s my privilege to try a enlightenment and birthright and my guarantee is to foster a abounding traditions of art and pattern in a country. By comparing with Forevermark, we wish to symbol another miracle in a universe of design, gripping my guarantee alive.”

The eventuality also saw a participation of Natasha Nanda, Shalini and Sanjay Passi, Ramola Bachchan and Sunil Sethi.

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