Salman Lends His Lawyer To Sooraj, Aditya Asks For A Special Investigation

Salman Lends His Lawyer To Sooraj, Aditya Asks For A Special Investigation


Despite steady and assertive attempts by Jiah Khan’s mom to implicate Sooraj Pancholi, Salman Khan stands by a beleaguered star-son.

Not usually does a section of Salman’s initial central prolongation underneath a ensign Salman Khan Productions mount by Sooraj, Salman and Sooraj also share a same counsel Shrikant Shivade.

On Monday when Mrs Rabia Khan dismissed a uninformed set of salvos during Sooraj, obsequious that a witnesses who had testified in Sooraj’s foster had incited hostile, Shivade was in Jodhpur attending to Salman Khan’s ‘black buck’ box in a internal court.

The counsel rushed behind on Tuesday to attend to a latest predicament in Sooraj’s case.

Says a source, “Salman is going all-out to safeguard Sooraj’s entrance is a well-spoken one. Salman did something for Sooraj that he doesn’t ever do: he authorised Sooraj to use his stunts on his plantation in Panvel for Hero.Salman’s counsel has been asked to leave no mill unturned to get a box opposite Sooraj quashed in a subsequent conference on Mar 24. Sooraj’s counterclaim group is assured of extricating Sooraj from a authorised mixed during a subsequent hearing. They have also built a water-tight box for insult opposite Jiah’s mother.”

Sooraj’s father Aditya Pancholi says, “Yes,our counsel is Shrikant Shivade .We are not disturbed during all about Sooraj’s future.And conjunction is he.”

After a latest allegations opposite Sooraj by Jiah’s mother, Aditya offering to fly down to Manali with Sooraj’s mom Zarina Wahab. But Sooraj incited down a offer.

“My son told me and my mom not to worry about him. He is focusing on his movement scenes and he is not a slightest ruffled. we am really unapproachable of my son. At 22 he is some-more mature than we am during my age. No mistreat will come to a boy. He’s a sanctified child,” says Aditya emotionally, adding that Jiah’s mom is doing what she is for a money. “Insurance laws in a US where Jiah was innate do not cover suicides. So Rabia is perplexing to change her daughter’s self-murder into a murder.”

Aditya final a special review into a matter. “In this , we am one with Rabia. She wants a special review into her daughter’s death. we contend we am all for it.Let’s have a special investigation. It will display usually a truth.And a law is, my child has finished no wrong.

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