Pinkvilla Exclusive: EK Villain tract suggested (Spoiler Alert)

Pinkvilla Exclusive: EK Villain tract suggested (Spoiler Alert)


With it’s eye throwing trailer, and intriguing shot of Shraddha Kapoor being thrown to her death, Ek Villain is removing a right kind of attention. Yesterday. we saw some cinema of Sidharth hovering around a wake pyre, that left us intrigued. We did some digging around and see what we found! The film is an apparent instrumentation of a many appreciated Korean film ‘I Saw a Devil’, that premiered during Sundance Film Festival in 2011.

Here’s some inside bone-head on a film’s plot. Shraddha Kapoor’s impression is killed in a initial fifteen mins of a film, and in a rest of a film she re appears in peep behind in many essential portions. Using a classical technique of retreat narration- in that a prism of story revelation is presented from both sides. The film establishes Sidharth Malhotra as a protagonist, who suffers injustices, and fights them out. Ritesh Deshmukh is shown as a cold encourage villain. Towards a finish though. a tract turns on it’s head. Expect a ideally stirring turn in a tale.

Well, even if this is a copy, a tract and an engaging expel of stars creates us demeanour brazen to it!

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