A ‘drunk’ Sanjay Dutt MMS hits a Bollywood Circuit

A ‘drunk’ Sanjay Dutt MMS hits a Bollywood Circuit


Controversy’s favorite child, Sanjay Dutt is behind in a news again. This time, it is for an unpalatable MMS that is doing a rounds in a Bollywood circuit.

Sanjay who was on a 3 month release in March, had hosted a cooking celebration during his Bandra residence. While during a party, Sanju had one splash too many and started personification an hypothetical guitar and singing some swat songs. Things didn’t finish there. Sanju afterwards started articulate about his colleagues from Bollywood.

All this was available on a mobile phone by one of a guest and now this video is doing a rounds.

Absolute Media reports a crony of Sanju saying, “It shows Sanju carrying a good time during a tiny cooking party. He is a small high, personification a atmosphere guitar, rowdiness around, articulate sh*t about people in a film industry.. usually submissive chaff and fun that is a unchanging underline during private dinner.”

Luckily for Sanju, this video has not reached a online space and has been noticed usually by a Bollywood folks.

If reports are to be believed, a celebration was attended by 3 star kids who are now active in Bollywood and are tighten friends of Sanju. It has been speculated that one of these 3 common a video with his friends and this caused a snowball effect.

Article source: http://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/photos/drunk-sanjay-dutt-mms-hits-bollywood-circuit