Zoe Saldana in a ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ reconstitute trailer: worse than expected?

Zoe Saldana in a ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ reconstitute trailer: worse than expected?


Zoe Saldana

Way behind in January, we listened about Zoe Saldana’s new starring role in a reconstitute of Rosemary’s Baby. The strange 1968 film was blending by Roman Polanski and formed on a book by Ira Levin. The film (not a director) was a unconditional sovereignty of atmosphere and characterization. There was never a reason to reconstitute this film on possibly a large or tiny screens, though NBC couldn’t conflict crafting a miniseries from a story. Seriously, they’re going to produce 4 hours out of this mess.

From a looks of things, this reconstitute creates several detours from Polanski’s classical adaptation. Zoe reprises a Mia Farrow purpose and plays a profound mother who finds out she’s carrying a parent of Satan. The husband’s contention has altered from actor to writer, and a environment has changed from NYC to Paris. Creepy neighbors with an distant ground are still present. Whether or not you’ve seen a strange movie, we consider you’ll determine that NBC squandered a efforts with this trailer:

Poor Zoe. She’s wearing an awful wig, and this is a stupid remake. we have to consternation because Zoe’s representative okayed her signing onto a radio reconstitute in a initial place. Zoe might not technically be an A-list star, though she’s starred in several high form movies. She’s partial of a Avatar and Star Trek franchises and has a plum purpose in a arriving Guardians of a Galaxy. She’s finished some indie cred movies. we don’t get because she’d benefit anything from a network reconstitute of a fear movie? This film looks like it spent all of a bill on casting. The lighting and atmosphere are terrible, and a sound effects (as revealed) do not lend any suspense. As Vulture notes, a screenwriters couldn’t even get a abbreviation right in a trailer.

Here’s Zoe on set in Jan in Paris. She’s acting, not great for real. Yet.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

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