Winona Ryder thinks Johnny Depp & Amber’s rendezvous is ‘inappropriate’

Winona Ryder thinks Johnny Depp & Amber’s rendezvous is ‘inappropriate’


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Last April, we enjoyed a diminutive bit of publication fanfiction about Winona Ryder secretly plotting to get Johnny Depp back. It was substantially a done adult story, though fans of Wino Forever enjoyed a prospect. Of march a story popped adult before Johnny went open with Amber Heard, and now they are engaged.

Even if Johnny wasn’t with Amber, we doubt a second turn would have ever worked out between him and Winona. Back in a 1990s, Johnny was so puzzling and … throbbing. That sounds dirty, though his appetite was roughly primal. Now Johnny’s a headband addict who gets his jollies by cruising Whole Foods and shoving bulk food into his mouth with his unclothed hands. MUNCHIES.

Anyway, there’s a new fold in this anti-triangle. Radar Online says Winona was going to reuinite for a new film with Johnny and Tim Burton, though now she’s too troubled to do a project. Winona believes that 50-year-old Johnny marrying 27-year-old Amber is kinda gross. we find this hilarious:

Winona Ryder refuses to reunite on a large shade with her former co-star and beloved Johnny Depp, since she thinks his intrigue with many younger Amber Heard is “inappropriate,” has been told.

Although Ryder, 42, has in a past voiced a enterprise to reunite with Depp and his favorite executive Tim Burton, who all worked together on a 1990 film Edward Scissorhands, an insider pronounced 50-year-old Johnny’s attribute with Heard, 27, has her saying red.

Ryder, who was Depp’s partner from 1989-1993, “had a deferential attribute with Johnny for years afterward, though she soured on any thought of an behaving reunion after Johnny bending adult with Amber.”

According to a source, Ryder was not happy that Depp allegedly left his baby mama, Vanessa Paradis, 41, for his immature Rum Diary co-star.

“The approach he conducted that event unequivocally dissapoint Winona and incited her off to Johnny,” a insider said.

“The thing she generally can’t mount is how all of Johnny’s prime friends, even Tim Burton, are entertaining this attribute on like it’s appropriate, when Winona is revelation her possess friends that it’s positively not.

“She’s pulled a 180 on her opinion of Johnny and his cronies since she thinks it’s a unhappy cliche that he’d dump his long-term baby mom for a lady in her twenties.”

Meanwhile, a source revealed, “Winona generally has turn many some-more regressive as she hits her forties, though still is creation no denote of settling down.

“She loves vital alone. That’s her large thing and a reason many of her relations tumble detached after a initial year.”

[From Radar Online]

Some people competence consider Winona is being secret on refusing to reunite for any destiny behaving gigs with Johnny, though we don’t see a bad opinion on Winona’s partial during all. we mean, we don’t consider she motionless not to work with him out of jealousy. As many as a thought of Wino Forever is extraordinary in a second incarnation, a existence would be a letdown.

What we see here is Winona owning her age. Remember, she talked about how psyched she was to strike 40 and get older. She substantially see’s Johnny’s small midlife predicament as a refusal to accept a aging process. we like how a story paints Winona as a fan of Johnny and Vanessa as a couple. we don’t consider Winona even dislikes Amber as a person. Winona only doesn’t know because rebel Johnny’s incited into a cliché.

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