Was Oksana Grivgorieva famous adequate to get into a VF Oscar party?...

Was Oksana Grivgorieva famous adequate to get into a VF Oscar party? Nope.



Here are some photos of Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend and baby-mama to his youngest daughter, Oksana Grigorieva. She was out and about in Beverly Hills on Monday. Oksana was indeed out on Oscar night too – she got all dressed adult in a cocktail dress and went to a Vanity Fair party. Well… we contend she “went” to a VF party, that is true. But she got stopped during a doorway and no one would let her in since Vanity Fair doesn’t let Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriends celebration with Jared Leto.

Oksana Grigorieva forgot she’s broke and no longer dating a famous dude … since Sunday night in Hollywood she attempted removing into a post-Oscar Vanity Fair celebration — and got SHUT DOWN!!

Mel Gibson’s ex and some friends attempted to enter a celebration though nothing of them were on a list and a doorman wasn’t carrying it … so they took a travel of contrition behind to their ride.

Maybe they were disturbed she’d start recording a luminary movement inside.

Sorry Oksana, improved start sport for a new sugarine daddy somewhere else.

[From TMZ]

I’m not certain if we should feel irritable during TMZ’s rather meant stating on this incident, or either we should giggle during Oksana’s misfortune. Or should we usually feel sad? we mean… Oksana attempted to be a “singer”. And she was with Mel for a integrate of years – years that were substantially really abusive, physically and emotionally. So, we do wish her to be fine and we don’t wish her any harm. But it’s humorous that she suspicion she was famous adequate to get into a VF party. Really, girl?

Meanwhile, we do consider Oksana should call off a hunt for a sugarine daddy, if that is what she’s doing. Any lady who walks divided from a $15 million allotment offer (only to get $750K in a end) and afterwards has to forfeit $375,000 since of her large mouth and file for bankruptcy… well, let’s usually contend that Oksana is a disaster as a golddigger. Maybe it’s time to get a genuine job, eh? She could be a secretary. Or a telemarketer.



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